Emergency Services Stays Alert During Recent Inclement Weather

By Sally Kate Zaft, Staff Writer-

With the recent unexpected cold and rainy weather, making sure UTC students are prepared for these conditions is necessary. 

The UTC community did not experience much snow like other places but received a lot of rain instead. 

Emergency Services are a resource for students to ask any safety questions and help keep the campus safe overall. 

Robie Robinson, assistant vice chancellor of the department, discussed the purpose of emergency services on campus. 

“There are two fundamental divisions. One is the police department; the other is safety and risk management,” Robinson said. 

More specifically, within safety and risk management, there is emergency management that deals with weather-related events. 

“Emergency management is dealing with floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, or pandemics and doing all the planning and preparedness as far as those kinds of things are concerned and then dealing with the response when you have to respond to those things,” Robinson said.  

Considering the recent weather, Robinson spoke on how emergency services assessed weather situations and how to handle them. 

“If we see a risk, we have several people here on our staff who, in addition to all the other things they do, they are very talented at evaluating the weather,” Robinson said. “We actually have four regular reports every day to keep up with what’s going on, to make sure that all the decision-makers are aware. As it gets closer, we activate our emergency assessment team that looks at the weather conditions.”

Once the assessment team evaluates the conditions around campus, they give their advice to the Chancellor and Executive Leadership Team. Those people are then the ones to make the final decision on how to proceed with the school’s scheduling. 

Robinson also shared some tips he had for students at UTC in order for them to stay safe on campus and during extreme weather conditions. 

“The biggest tip is to stay informed, sign up for our Alert service,” Robinson said. “Really, it’s awareness, pay attention; if you have a question, if something concerns you, then call me.”

Students can sign up for UTC Alerts here, and read more about Emergency Services and the resources they offer here.  

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