BSA Hosts Black Family Feud Game Night

By Day’Jah Williams, Staff Writer- 

The Black Student Alliance hosted Black Family Feud on Feb. 24 for a game show-style event in honor of Black History Month.

The BSA is a self-governing organization established in 1969 and remains an organization that serves as a liaison between the University and African-American students and encourages different groups to connect in ideas and activities.

Their most recent event, “Family Feud: Black Card Revoked,” consisted of nine organizations and 20 questions. 

The organizations included the Eta Phi, Eta Beta, and Xi Upsilon fraternities, the Zeta Kappa, Theta Rho, Zeta Iota, and Lambda Delta sororities, and the Intervarsity and Student Government Association student clubs. 

This game has been an annual event for years because “people love friendly competition,” according to Marshara Miller, BSA president. 

Miller said the game usually consists of “family versus family and what we did was organization versus organization.” 

Miller asked questions to each organization, and every question consisted of more than one answer. The answers, rather than factual, were pointed by the most popular answer. 

“It was rewarding for everybody, we had fun, I had fun, and I wasn’t even participating. I was just asking the questions,” Miller said. 

Miller gave participants one minute to answer the question. If you got the question wrong, it went to the other team. If you got the question right, you had the chance to answer it again. The questions were inspired by “Black Twitter, TikToks, and memes” Miller said.

The organizations answered what the best Black TV series is, the most popular party song lyrics, and the top six white artists that Black people love, among others.

There were more than 50 participants which consisted of UTC faculty and students. The winner of the game was the Zeta Kappa sorority. 

“It’s good, especially during COVID, to have people that weren’t even in the same city as Chattanooga, all come together to make this event happen for students on campus,” Miller said. 

BSA was happy with the turnout.

 “It was definitely rewarding, because when you put so much time and effort into these events, regardless if they’re more educational or fun, you really want people to come, and especially for your team that works really hard putting things together,” Miller said. 

Upcoming BSA events include Black Table Talk, promoting sex education next month, community service events, block awards, and the Election for upcoming BSA officers.

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