Freedom of Speech within University Campuses

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor–

Throughout America students have been silenced when it comes to how institutions may appear from the outside. Universities have gotten the idea that if it is not good for the school then it should not be spoken about for the risk of the institute’s reputation. I feel that students have had their freedom of speech taken when it comes to university life.

Universities pride themselves in their students and the representation that comes from their being at the school. All universities would like to be represented by an intelligent group of students, but in cases of rapes, robberies and assaults students are not always given justice.

Statics have shown that 84% of students are assaulted in some way during their first year of being in college. College campuses call this the ‘red zone;” while college campuses are aware of instances not all students get justice.

Of all incidents that occur only 55% are reported to the university, students do not always feel that the universities can help.

This is a problem, colleges tell students that being on campus is the best way to be involved and have the most fulfilling college experience. But are universities able to ease students’ mind if they are putting reputations over justice?

While universities pride themselves in their student bodies and involvements, there should be more attention given to students’ freedom of speech. All students should have the right to speak on any matters regarding instances at their school.

Letting others coming into these institutes know what has happened is very important to the trust of the student body. Without the trust of students, the engagement at universities will lower and then what representation will the school have?

The students should be the rising voice of the university and the institute should want students should feel as though they are heard.

With any situation that occurs, all students should be able to speak about matters regarding their school of choice. Disregarding how it may affect the perception of the university to others.

Universities should be equipped to handle the aftermath of instances that reflect back on the school; reputation should never be a reason for silence.

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