UTC Student’s Website, Liquid Ego Death, Highlights Local Artists

By Mary Kate Sheppard, Staff Writer—

For one University of Tennessee at Chattanooga student, what began as a desire to see his friends succeed in their art careers has since transformed into a popular website dedicated to highlighting the work of local artists. 

Liquid Ego Death is a website created by Joseph Donovan which showcases art from around the state. The site allows rising artists to display their and sell their work online. 

Donovan is a senior at UTC majoring in computer science. In his spare time, he makes money creating websites and working on web designs for different clientele. 

The idea for the Liquid Ego Death website stemmed from a desire to help his artist friends gain an audience in the art community. Originally, he wanted to create a personal website for each of his friends, but soon realized the need for a website that encompassed multiple local artists. 

“I had never heard anyone do anything similar, so I figured I’d be the first,” Donovan said. 

Several of his friends were featured on the site, but Donovan quickly expanded to include artists he was not familiar with. 

“Some of these people I’ve never met before, but it’s cool to get to know them,” Donovan said. 

Liquid Ego Death also sells items screen printed with the artist’s work such as clothing, mugs, notebooks, and of course, canvases. 

Talking to artists, screen printing their artwork onto items and working on web design take up a majority of the time that goes into running Liquid Ego Death. However, for Donovan, studies take top priority. 

“School comes first, always,” he said. “Luckily, the website is something that isn’t time-restricting. It’s something that is easily done with spare time.”

Each month, Donovan chooses one artist to highlight on the website. He makes his selections by listening to the stirrings in the art community and engaging with several of his artists friends. Each artist is then approved by Donovan, along a panel of former artists. 

“I created this site because I just wanted to be helpful,” Donovan said. “These artists are really good at what they do and should be known. I’m just trying to help with that.” 

Experience the work of local artists on the Liquid Ego Death website, or on Instagram @lquid.ego.death.

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