March Through History, a Women’s History Month Exhibit

By Sarah Chesek, Staff Writer-

March is Women’s History Month and to celebrate, an exhibit has been displayed in Lupton Hall right outside the Center for Women and Gender Equity. 

The exhibit consists of posters in the office windows that showcase inspirational women including Sojourner Truth, Amanda Blackhorse, Michelle Obama, and Megan Thee Stallion.

Each poster has a short description of how the displayed woman has changed society and her impact on the world. Some of the posters include an inspirational quote by the woman presented.  

A number of posters have QR codes that allow visitors to be interactive with the event. The QR codes will connect to a podcast, speech, website, or song. 

Abby Wagner, vice president of UTC’s Public Awareness Club, believes the event was a great start to celebrating Women’s History Month, but she’s hopeful more events will come up around campus to educate students on these very impactful women.

“I wish it was in a more popular area, like the University Center,” Wagner said. “I feel like it hasn’t been publicized enough and students don’t know to go to Lupton to see it.” 

Kushi Zaver, a member of Freshman Senate, when asked about the effectiveness of the exhibit, stated, “I believe that women should be celebrated with more appreciation.” 

As a female student on campus, she would like to see more interactive events throughout campus to learn about how women have effectively changed our society. 

However, she explained that this event is important because the impact women have made on society has gone unnoticed for so long.  

Zaver said her favorite poster in the exhibit was Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC, “because she is a great example of what women can be in the modern age.”

AOC, among many others, has been highlighted at the event. They span multiple generations and all have made strives for women’s rights. 

Students can find out more about the event online on UTC’s Center for Women and Gender Equity events page. This event will be displayed throughout the month of March. 

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