MOC Forward Discusses Working on Ourselves

By Seth Carpenter, Staff Writer-

In the season of midterms and hectic schedules, MOC Forward directed its attention to self-care.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion held the fourth MOC Forward event of this semester on March 4, titled Moving Forward Together: Doing (and being) Self-Work.

Dr. Becky Martinez of Infinity Martinez Consulting facilitated the online event.

Martinez began the event by asking those in attendance to take some deep breaths and to be attentive to how they were feeling. 

“The first piece of self-work is to give yourself the gift of a few seconds, if that’s all you have, for some deep breaths and listening to your favorite song or to be able to journal, whatever that is for you,” she said.

For Martinez, reflection is integral to self-work and something she repeatedly returned to throughout her talk. 

“Where am I at in regards to my own self-work?  Do I spend time, energy? Do I show up in risky spaces? Do I talk about who I am, what I need, what I want?” she said.

Martinez later remarked on how self-work and introspection can push structural change.

“Systems are created and sustained by people,” she said. “So, people have the capacity to change, and individual change has the capacity to change systems. They don’t exist in isolation of each other.”

She then related the task of questioning our own preconceptions and narratives in order to work on ourselves. 

“As I think about rest, it’s really hard for me to do that given my working-class background, and it’s so necessary,” she said. “Then I think how do we implement rest into our workspaces, or taking our sick days or taking our personal days rather than having to be in the grind all the time?”

By looking at these personal preconceptions, people can “shift systems’ dynamics,” according to Martinez.

Another important aspect of self-work is to be okay with where you are starting out and the progress you make throughout the continuous process.

“We can often have so much judgement about ‘I need to work on this’ or ‘I need to work on that,’” Martinez said. “Let’s reframe that and say ‘okay, this is where I’m starting in self-work.’”

Like the previous MOC Forward events, the last several minutes were reserved for attendees to ask questions. 

MOC Forward’s final event of this semester is set to be held on March 18 at 12:30 p.m. Anyone who is interested in attending can find the Zoom link on the MOC Forward event schedule online, and students can also learn more about the topics discussed through the MOC Forward collection at the University Library.

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