Routine Testing Program Runs Smoothly with High Turnout

By Day’Jah Williams, Staff Writer-

Randomized campus-wide Covid-19 routine testing for faculty and students began over a month ago on Feb. 8, and testing procedures have been running smoothly.

“Around 1,000 campus community members will be randomly selected for testing each week” at the testing center located between the Challenger Center and Citizen Cemetery, according to the Covid testing website.

Anna Smartt, the routine testing coordinator, stated that so far there has been a “pretty great response from the entire UTC community.” 

Smartt reported each week more and more students are getting tested and the number of no-shows and no responses are improving each week. 

“If you are given the opportunity to test, it’s free, it is easy. Any opportunity to test is a good opportunity. Just to go take it,” Smartt said.

28 total people can be tested at a time and those being tested are given a five-dollar meal voucher. 

“Just test, it’s easy, you get to swab yourself, the whole process is less than 20 minutes,” Smartt said.“All the information you need is in that first notification email that usually goes out on Fridays.” 

If students do not confirm an appointment time, they are automatically enrolled in the following week of testing. 

For students who still do not respond, disciplinary action is taken by the dean of students. Staff is reported to human resources in the event of a nonresponse.

Potential Covid testing for the upcoming fall semester is still questionable and depends on the circumstance of our community. 

“I can’t speak directly towards that, cause it really just depends on where we go as a community, as in Chattanooga,” Smartt said. “Where our numbers go will really let us know.” 

More information on the routine testing program can be found here

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