Students Play Kahoot for Women’s History Trivia Night

By Thea Marshall, Staff Writer-

The Women’s History Trivia Night on March 4 created a friendly competition while informing participants on several influential women.

Thursday’s virtual event was hosted by The Center for Women and Gender Equality’s Assistant Director, Lauren Ouwerkerk, and Director, Sara Peters.

Participants were mostly students but a few staff members joined the game also. Prizes were given to the winners with the three highest scores.

The competition consisted of 93 questions that players submitted through a game-based learning platform called Kahoot. Ouwerkerk read each question, provided answers, and explanations if players guessed incorrectly. 

Sandra Oh, Billie Holiday, Oprah Winfrey, and Serena Williams were just a few of the many women discussed. Ouwerkerk and Peters said it was also important to include people whose accomplishments may rarely be recognized. 

“We often recognize the Ruth Bader Ginsburgs’ and women who have won Nobel Peace Prizes and that is wonderful, but we also have to recognize that there are other women that are incredibly accomplished,” said Peters. 

There were also questions about women that people may have never heard of. 

Women like Ava Lovelace, a mathematician and writer, or Jane Adams who is known as the mother of social work were mentioned to help participants relate to their positions. 

“There was an array of not only women but identities and generations,” said Ouwerkerk. “We wanted to include women that everyone who attends, can relate to.”

Peters and Ouwerkerk said they recognized a wide range of women to show participants there are multiple forms of success and women of different accomplishments deserve to be celebrated for Women’s History Month. 

The Center for Women and Gender Equality is hosting several other Women’s History events throughout the month. More information on those events and the center can be found here.

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