Seeds for Growth in the Time of COVID-19

By Mary Kate Sheppard, Staff Writer—

In a semester full of midterms, assignments, classes, and not to mention a pandemic, it has become easy for students to focus solely on academics and to neglect more personal needs. A program hosted by the Center for Student Wellbeing called Sowing Seeds for Personal Growth is hoping to remedy this. 

Sowing Seeds for Personal Growth is a six week program that meets once a week to discuss the ways students can consider and work on their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Each week, a group of students come together to discuss a word to focus on for that week. These words include: relationship, resilience, rest, revive, replenish and relaxation. 

Savannah Welch is the leader and creator of Sowing Seeds. 

“We start off the meeting by discussing the word of the week. What we’re trying to do is to change the way we think about these words,” Welch said. “Discussion leads to activities, hands-on projects, tips and overall help, all of this in an attempt to get students to think about their wellbeing in the midst of stressful times. 

Welch wanted a way to remind students to take care of themselves.

“Students focus so much on academics that their overall wellness lacks attention,” she said. “This program is here to help people realize where they might need help.” 

So far, there are two different groups of students in the program. One group started in February and is nearing their fifth week. The other group started along the path of growth a week ago, and are now preparing for their second week. 

“It’s also a way to find community,” Welch said. “It’s the same people week-to-week with a few newcomers. It’s so cool to see the group members grow and progress.” 

Welch said that she chose the title, “Sowing Seeds” because she wanted an organic place for organic conversation and interaction. All of the activities in the meetings center around the theme of nature.  

“I wanted to tie in the overarching idea of giving life to areas that we typically ignore or don’t see,” Welch said. Anyone who would like to join Sowing Seeds for Personal Growth can sign up by contacting Savannah Welch at

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