Wavelength Space Makes Waves in the Chattanooga Art Community

By Vanessa Willis, Staff Writer—

Wavelength Space strives to provide the Chattanooga community with a space that features diverse art, engaging exhibits and connections between different artists and art forms.

Raquel Mullins is the director and curator of Wavelength Space. Having graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BS in Art Education and serving as an adjunct professor in the art department, the power of creative expression is not lost on her. 

Mullins saw the need for the space within the Chattanooga community as a way to contribute to the local art scene. In 2019, Mullins and her husband decided to combine their artistic passions to create Wavelength Space.

“We decided to combine our career dreams into a joint pursuit between music and art to realize Wavelength Space, the art gallery, and Wavelength Studios, a recording studio and media production company,” Mullins said.

After two years of remodeling, the space opened earlier this year a short walk from campus on McCallie Avenue. The Wavelength Space provides the Chattanooga community with a place to gather, celebrate and connect through art. 

“The build of the space turned out even better than we hoped, so it’s been a joy to fill the space with different kinds of work and to have such a nice space to work out of,” Mullins said. “It is very rewarding to see artists making connections in the space and for the work to be spurring excitement in the community.”

Wavelength features a wide variety of art styles from artists from diverse backgrounds with the goal of creating a bridge between Chattanooga and the rest of the art world. 

“By situating art made in our area beside art made elsewhere, we’re creating a broadened context for area artists to be considered within,” Mullins said. “We hope to use the physical space of Wavelength to provide the Chattanooga community another venue to experience and encounter awesome work while using our digital platforms to extend our audience and an awareness of the Chattanooga art community to a broader network.”

Wavelength features contemporary art from students and professionals alike and welcomes all mediums, including but certainly not limited to painting, photography, video, fiber, performance and installation art. 

“We aim to show contemporary art that covers a wide range of forms, concepts and mediums, and includes a diverse representation of artists,” Mullins said.

The result of this effort is a colorful space of various art designs. The space’s most current exhibit, Touch 2, features various pieces that visitors are encouraged to interact with and touch. Touch 2 ended March 14.

For more information or to book a visit, see @wavelength_space on Instagram. Due to COVID-19, anyone interested in visiting the space must make an appointment using the link in their bio.

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