Painting Party Inspires Art Based on Influential Women

By Day’Jah Williams, Staff Writer-

In celebration of Women’s History Month, UTC’s Honors Council honored women who are significant and inspirational to them.

The Painting Ladies Party was held on March 17 and was the third event in a three part series hosted by the Honors College. 

The Honors Council partnered with Spectrum and safely held the Painting Party via Zoom. 

“We approach events with an abundance of caution during the pandemic so that we can keep all of our students safe and well,” the council said.

For Women’s History Month, the council wanted this event to be focused mainly on inspirational women who were close to the participants themselves, unlike the first two events of the Women’s History Month series, which highlighted famous women from the United States and around the world. 

Honors Council President Ollyvir Reagan explained their own inspiration and meaning of the Painting Party.

“My grandmother and my mother are as much women’s history as any other woman I could have painted, you know? Because they were at home, holding down the fort so that other women could go out and conquer. Our mothers and aunts and grandmothers and sisters, famous or not, are women’s history,” Reagan said. “At the Painted Ladies Painting Party, we expanded our previously limited definition of women’s history to make sure that we included them, too.”

This event gave women the opportunity to be represented and appreciated and was accomplished by the effort and expansion of representation.

“I want to make it clear that I could not have pulled these events off without the help of my vice president, Lola Oke, or the Spectrum treasurer, D’lyn Keiser,” Reagan said. “They were invaluable in terms of moral support and idea workshopping.”

The event was the final of the three part series, and all attendees were able to make personal art. 

The Honors College will be hosting an exhibition titled “A Portrait of A…” on March 28. A few pieces of the art completed at the Painting Party were donated to the exhibit. 

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