Pizza Bros Opens New Location to Satisfy Everyone who has their Eyes on the Pies

Photo by Logan Stapleton

By Maddie Van Horn, Staff Writer—

Pizza Bros, a local New York-style pizzeria, recently opened a larger second location that features new menu items, an eclectic vibe, and more room to serve Chattanooga. 

Pizza Bros has been a Chattanooga favorite since its original location in Northshore on Cherokee Boulevard opened in 2018. Since the original location was so successful, the Pizza Bros, Cal and Jackson Todd, decided it was time to open a second location to account for the long wait times at the original location. 

The new location, also known as Pizza Bros South, is in Chattanooga’s Southside district at 1817 Broad St and opened March 1. 

Marisa Kowalski, the front-of-house manager who has been working for Pizza Bros since its first location opened, said that the addition of Pizza Bros South will allow them to better serve the community.

“The original location of Pizza Bros was quite small and we were consistently getting a 45-minute to an hour-and-a-half wait time for pizzas on almost any given night,” Kowalski said. “We needed more space and ovens to be able to give our customers what they wanted in a reasonable time frame. This new Pizza Bros means that we are able to serve more of Chattanooga and that our original location is able to get their times down so they can also serve more of Chattanooga.” 

McKenna Blake is a freshman at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a shift leader at Pizza Bros South. She said that she enjoys serving other students and feeling the sense of community the Pizza Bros brings. 

“It 1000% feels like a family here,” Blake said. “It’s so inviting and the vibe here is so fun. It’s always so much fun serving people that go to school with me because I feel like I meet new people from UTC every day. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces is just so awesome. I have absolutely loved working for Pizza Bros, mainly due to the environment that they have created. My manager and bosses are amazing and they make the whole atmosphere so much more inviting and so exciting to come to work.”

As a UTC alum herself, Kowalski said that she employs lots of students and that she loves serving the UTC community. She said that Pizza Bros also runs occasional student discount days where students can show their UTC ID for 15% off.

Pizza Bros South also features a few new elements, such as a full bar, a trendy vibe, and pasta on the menu. 

“We are really excited about the full bar,” Kowalski said. “That’s something that we have been wanting to do for a while but were not able to do because our first location was so small. We have also added pasta to the menu and it is really exciting.”

With new touches, such as large glass windows that wrap around the front of the building and a full patio, Pizza Bros South has its own unique vibe, while still staying true to its family-friendly roots. 

“I definitely feel like this new location has a certain level of class with the marble, the fancy booths, and all of the nice lighting, but it does still have a bit of the homey feel that Pizza Bros is known for,” Kowalski said.

According to Kowalski, Pizza Bros South is excited to continue providing a space for families and friends to gather. 

“Pizza Bros is definitely a family, and it has always had that feeling,” Kowalski said. “Not only is it owned by brothers, but the employees feel like a family as well. To feel like we have a place where everyone can hang out together that is family-friendly is awesome for us because now we have a bigger place for families to get together.”

To learn more about Pizza Bros South and student discounts, see @pizzabrossouth on Instagram.

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