Students Bring Awareness Committee to UTC

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

Students of UTC started a Public Awareness Committee to help give more insight on social issues and injustice in the world.

The idea for the committee started last semester among the Black Lives Matter movement but due to the Covid pandemic, the club was put to a halt. 

As the new semester started, the founding students decided to rebrand the club focusing the committee on social issues around the world.

The first big step for the club was to find a sponsor and start their Instagram to spread the word for more students to join. 

The committee’s sponsor is Professor Dr. Alex Quinlan, who helped the organizers with their bylaws and constitution, along with ensuring that the process runs smoothly. 

Quinlan explained how he became the committee’s sponsor and what he thinks this club will do for the University. 

“I was approached on March 11 to be the sponsor for the Awareness group. The committee’s work and vision connect with what is talked about in my English classes,” Quinlan said. “For a long time in the south we have denied and not recognized these issues. But right now the University is confronting them head-on. It is a transformational moment on the campus.”

The Awareness Committee’s goals are to bring light to social injustices in the community and around the world. They hope to highlight and educate others on what is going on and what can be done to help. 

The Awareness Committee’s founder Abigail Wagner stated what she hopes will come from the group on campus. 

“Highlighting issues such as racial injustices, homophobia, xenophobia, and sexism are the main focuses of the organization,” Wagner said. “Mainly, we want to educate people on these issues and provide easy ways that people can help. Starting in your backyard is the easiest way to create change.”

Once the committee is approved, they hope to host fundraisers for local organizations and global organizations, along with local events that will help small businesses and charities throughout Chattanooga. 

“We also are hoping to bring light to petitions and organizations that people can support to help the issues at hand,” Wagner said. “We cannot wait to get things rolling and start to create positive change on campus and in our community!”

The Awareness Committee hopes to gain popularity from working with other organizations on campus. Flyers will be posted around campus with more information on how to join, along with information given on their Instagram @utc.aware

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