Campus Events On Their Way Back

By Regina Baker, Asst. News Editor–

As a result of the global pandemic of COVID-19, many universities are ringing in a new semester coming next fall. UTC has announced that they will be bringing back the new-normal, which starts back with on-campus activity, even now.

The question still remains of how the student life on campus will cope with this new normal. I think that with the new semester, student events will transition to the new normal. This entails employing a new strategy regarding the way events will happen.

Events teams have discussed transitioning back to in-person events if the rates of COVID-19 change with the new vaccine. Student safety is definitely the priority.

There remains a big question with how the spring semester will go with all the changes the university has made: Are students ready for the campus life to go back to normal and will they take the initiative to come to events and get involved again on campus?

Through COVID-19, students have not had the socialization that they had before the pandemic, and with this, students’ mental health has been impacted. I feel that bringing the events back to school will give students the push they need to stay safe in order to socialize.

All events that have taken place during the pandemic have been a success with students taking the measures required. I feel that the events held at school give students the break and fun they desire on campus.

I feel that bringing back campus events and life will give students a better transition to the new campus life we will have come fall. The procedures that the university have taken to ensure the safety of UTC students is the only way we have gotten through the pandemic.

The university has ensured our safety during the pandemic and I feel that when campus events return they will continue to do so. While keeping our safety in mind, the university is keeping hopes up that the new semester will bring back campus engagement.

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