Survivors Show Strength and Healing Through Art

By Day’Jah Williams, Staff Writer

In celebration of sexual assault awareness month, UTC organizations provided survivors with a chance to heal through art. 

The Center for Women and Gender Equity & the Center for Student Wellbeing accepted art submissions from survivors of sexual assault regarding their healing journey. 

Assistant Director for the Center of Student Wellbeing, Megan McKnight helped organize the event. 

“We’re trying to be creative and figure out ways that we could get information out to students that look different than the programs we have done pre-Covid,” McKnight said. 

Last April, a similar event was hosted but it remained completely virtual and included resources such as a song list, book list, and breathing exercises from the Counseling Center. Despite Covid and all of its drawbacks, these offices still wanted the opportunity to host the event again this year. 

The centers received virtual art submissions, 3D art, poetry, and short stories. There was a large number of submissions and the centers have been very successful in creating a space for students to express themselves in their own way. 

Unlike last year, the art featured will not be virtual. Handouts, or Zines, will be available in the University Center and inside of Lupton. 

The Zines will feature off- and on-campus resources for survivors of sexual assault and will be printed and arranged by the UTC graphics team. 

“The artists have been really excited, they want copies of the Zine, and they want to be able to distribute it. A good number of them want their names attached, there are a few that have asked to remain anonymous, we gave them that option. Art intersects with healing,” McKnight said. 

Artists who provided their names wanted other students to be able to engage with not only them but also their art. 

“Art can be really healing, it’s one of the tools, among many that survivors may find really helpful in their healing journey and so we just wanted to provide an opportunity for survivors to sort of share that if they want,” McKnight said. 

An email will be sent out when the Zines become available.

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