Georgia Tornado Forces Campus Closure

Photo by Regina Baker

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

A category F4 tornado hit Georgia last week, leaving numerous cities in a state of ruin and many citizens homeless. 

On March 25, a tornado came through Georgia and resulted in UTC closing on March 26. The Emergency Service Center gave the suggestion to close due to the severity of the storm. 

With many cities being affected in Georgia, Newnan and Franklin were damaged drastically. Houses and businesses were torn apart during the storm along with power lines being knocked down.

Newnan officials released a statement on Twitter for the residents of the county.

“The city experienced heavy damage in and around the historic downtown area due to tonight’s weather,” Newnan Twitter read. “Please note that both the city and county crews are in route and working on the scene to clear impacted areas. Please remain safe in your homes and take shelter. Stay safe!”

With the residing alert from the tornado, UTC’s Emergency Services watched the weather consistently for the safety of all students on campus. 

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Emergency Services, Robie Robinson explained their weather awareness techniques.

“We gather information on all areas of the world for emergency management. Communication with each community when it matters is vital to this organization,” Robinson said. “It’s not always the university, it’s bigger than we know. But our priority is safety, for all students.”

The emergency services in Georgia have taken route and are constantly working to ensure the safety of residents in each city. Numerous volunteers have helped with the cleanup and restaurants are providing food for those in need.

“It is terrible and many people were affected, especially in the towns that were hit,” Robinson said. “They have it the hardest. We need to encourage help everywhere.”

Heard County Fire Chief and EMA Director of Franklin Ga, Steve Wirth stated,

“As of today, the recovery process is well underway. I attribute this to multi-agency response to the storm and the ability of all agencies to work together to accomplish the goal of helping all who were affected. The citizens are very resilient, willing to help who ever needs help which has allowed those affected to start putting things back together. It will be sometime before things return to normal, but there is a spirit of community that is making this event more tolerable.”

The aftermath of the tornado is devastating but both cities have emergency services helping and many relief plans put in place.

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