Nicole Byer Q&A Inspires UTC Women

By Regina Baker, Assistant News Editor-

Nicole Byer, a comedienne, actress, and television host, joined UTC students for a Q&A session to discuss her thoughts and work.

In light of Women’s History Month, the Center for Student and Family Engagement chose Byer as the speaker to encourage women to succeed in their industries. 

The session was held on March 31 via Zoom, and event manager Shirliece Lundy hosted the event and asked Byer questions submitted by attendees.

There were many questions relating to the entertainment business, the struggle of women of color in the franchise, and her career dreams.

Coordinator of Student and Family Engagement Taylor Asgard spoke about the decision to choose Byer.

“We decided to choose Nicole for Women’s History Month due to her diversity and experiences,” Asgard said. “She is a woman of color in entertainment and comedy and was able to speak candidly about barriers she has faced and strides she has made, while also being engaging and humorous.” 

The event also brought many questions regarding Byer’s success and more details about the shows she has worked on.

Byer worked on shows such as Girl Code, Nailed It, RuPaul’s Drag Race and the upcoming reboot of Wipe Out

Throughout the event, Byer was interactive and open with all the questions presented.

With the experience Byer gained, she taught women how to use their voices and be heard. 

“I have been inspired by many things in comedy. My advice for the entertainment business or anything, look at someone who has done what you want to do and backtrack it,” Byer said. “Do what they did until you get into it and go for it. Perseverance pays off.”

Many women within the event found that Byer is impactful in business and a heavy influencer of equality for women of color. When the floor was open for attendees to ask questions, and participants jumped at the opportunity to get advice. 

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