The First-ever Consent-a-thon Educates Students with Games & Prizes

Photo by Stephanie Swart

By Kaleigh Cortez, News Editor —

A consent-themed interactive event brought socially distanced tables to Chamberlain Field with games and giveaways — a scene that was reminiscent of a pre-Covid time on campus. 

Consent-a-thon provided students with an opportunity to learn about consent through quiz games on Tuesday, March 30. 

“We’re not trying to make consent feel lecture-based,” Megan McKnight, an assistant director for the Center of Student Wellbeing, said. “They’re games, you get prizes, but hopefully you kind of learn something along the way.” 

Tables included a spinning wheel where a student answers a consent-based question to receive a T-shirt. Another area prompted students to organize phrases such as “That feels good” and “I don’t know” to either the “Consent” or “Not Consent” side of a whiteboard. If the student correctly arranged all of the phrases, they win a tumbler. 

McKnight wanted the event to focus on the four main requirements of consent: that it is obtained, affirmed, voluntary, and continual. 

“These are some of the things I think our students get mixed messages about consent from media, family, or friends,” McKnight said. “We want to give them accurate information so they could be engaging in consensual sexual activity in the future.” 

The Center for Student Wellbeing teamed with the Survivor Advocacy Services to host the event. Emily Rosenquist is the survivor advocate on campus. 

Both groups decided to have Rosenquist present during the event to let students get to “know her as a resource that’s available on this campus,” McKnight said. 

Consent-a-thon gave students an outlet to discuss consent in a safe way during the pandemic. 

“Covid’s made it harder, but we’re looking for a way to engage folks in person,” McKnight said. “It’s still at a distance, the tables are spaced out, so people can engage in games that are safe.” 

The event was held just prior to April which is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Center for Student Wellbeing created their annual Zine, which featured art from ten student survivors. The Zine will be distributed throughout April in Lupton Hall, the UC, and at the Center’s events.

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