The Morning Light

By Briana Brady, Opinion Editor–

Up until about three years ago, I would not have considered myself a morning person. I wasn’t an overly late sleeper, but I was much more so a night owl than an early bird. When I started working at Starbucks, though, I was forced to change that and adjust my sleep schedule accordingly.

Now, four days a week, I report to work as early as 5am. I have a new appreciation for folks working doubles or two jobs at a time because trying to function fully on less than six hours of sleep a night is truly challenging. But what I have grown to love most about the mornings and waking up to see them is catching those first hues of morning light.

The morning light reminds us of a new beginning, and it serves as a kind of reset. It illuminates the stillness of nature awakening with the rise of the sun, and it revitalizes our sense of purpose. The morning light seems to serve as a kind of metaphor for the future of those soon to depart from UTC, myself included: it shines upon the present and continues to rise and grow brighter and brighter.

Mornings are sacred, solemn, and often serene, but they prelude the day to come. I think that if we as a society focused more on the mornings rather than using them as a respite from long days and nights, we could perform some kind of necessary collective reset. Research has shown that morning people tend to be more productive, energetic, and rest better. Because of the rarity of morning people, they often find more time to themselves. This allows for deeper reflection, increased concentration, and less stress.

So while I was somewhat forced to become a morning person, I am grateful for what I have gained in that obligation. I now appreciate the mornings more than ever before, and feel that they offer society a unique gift of unmatched peace. As we move towards the longest days of the year, perhaps the mornings will call you to step into their light and seize the day.

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