Campus Group Discusses Safe Drinking with College Students

By Sarah Chesek, Staff Writer-

College students are notorious for practicing unsafe drinking habits, and the Center for Student Wellbeing tried to tackle this widespread problem. 

On April 6, 7, and 8, UTC’s Center for Student Wellbeing hosted “What’s the Buzz?” featuring educational sessions where students learn safe drinking habits. 

The Center stated, “Safe drinking isn’t always a topic students want to learn about, however, you don’t want to miss these fun and helpful tips to assist you during your time at UTC.” 

On Tuesday, April 6, the Center for Student Wellbeing sent a mass email to students regarding the first session. 

“Talk Nerdy to Me was an inclusive educational session where each student can learn about local policies, rules, and facts,” the email read. “Everyone is welcome to come and share their own opinions on the subjects. The purpose of this session is to hear students’ perspectives related to alcohol safety on UTC campus. Limit to 20 participants.” 

According to the Center, Wednesday’s event was to be an educational session for students on consumption quantity. 

“Bring Your Own Cup is an interactive session where we aim for each student to become more familiar with standard drink sizes in a Solo cup.” 

The last session the Center hosted was Trivia Night for students to test their knowledge based on the previous two sessions. 

Questions regarding standard drink size and blood alcohol content were asked as well as some unrelated movie questions for fun. 

Each event of the series was put in place to target multiple areas of drinking to help students understand and be more prepared when consuming alcohol. 

Participants had the chance to win Uber gift cards, YETI mugs, headphones, among other prizes. 

These sessions helped students learn UTC’s regulations and repercussions for drinking as well as insight on Tennessee Highway Control.

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