Sequoya Review: Blooming Creativity in a Pandemic

By Zoe Morton, Staff Writer-

As the UTC students were stuck inside over the past year, creativity seems to have struck with a record number of submissions for the Sequoya Review. 

The Sequoya Review, an annual literary and art magazine, accepts submissions from UTC students, allowing them to embrace their feelings from the past year. As a student-run publication, the magazine originates in an upper-level English class, allowing English majors a taste of the world of publication and editing. 

The Sequoya Review began in 1965, and although it has changed names throughout the years, even Covid-19 has yet to prevent a launch. While both the 2020 and 2021 magazine launches have taken place on zoom, that hasn’t prevented students from submitting their literary and artworks. 

Jo Kibble, the managing editor and senior English major, discussed how blown away they were by the number of submissions this year. 

“We had the most successful run for Sequoya Review in the entire history of our journal, which is saying a lot especially considering the circumstances that we’ve all been in this year,” Kibble said.

Kibble estimated the number of submissions received this year to be over 100 and added that they were overjoyed Covid-19 didn’t prevent students from sharing their works. This year, they published 29 literary pieces and 26 art pieces, all from students at UTC. 

The Sequoya Review will be published in print this year, and while they’re aiming to get the copies out around finals, to keep up with exact dates and where to pick up your copy, follow their social media. They’re on Instagram @sequoya_review and also have a website on which you can find updates. 

If you’re interested in joining the Sequoya Review in the future, register for Literary Editing and Publishing, English 3780R, and check the social media to see when they begin accepting submissions for the 2022 year.

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