Annual Late Night Breakfast Uses Care Packages for Covid

By Thea Marshall, Staff Writer-

The Center for Student and Family Engagement took a different approach to the Late Night Breakfast among the Covid pandemic. 

The past two semesters with Covid implemented the “care package” idea to help off-campus students get their late-night breakfast also. 

Students had the option to make and take their packages and items in the University Center or have them sent to their homes.

The key difference in care packages this year was activities for students. Miller worked with SaFE staff to include these items. Students also had the choice of a make and take item such as a DIY zen garden, string art, or a UTC stuffed bear to be included in their care package. 

Graduate Assistant and coordinator of the event Dylan Miller, said the packages did change from last year. 

“Last semester we offered more Nature Valley bars that we didn’t include this year,” Miller said. “This semester we included more breakfast staples such as oatmeal packets, Pop-Tarts, boxed cereal, and V8 energy drinks.”

The contents of the packages are for students to use throughout their testing week, having more nutritional food and drinks gives students the energy they need to finish exams.

Miller also said despite the circumstances, participation was about the same compared to the pre-Covid Late Night Breakfast. Students were able to participate in the breakfast from the safety of their homes,  and this has helped ease stress for students and staff. 

“Between the care packages shipped and attendance for the in-person event, we had a total of 346 students,” Miller said. “Overall it was a pretty good turnout this year.”

For more information on the event, and more events from The Office of Student and Family Engagement, visit here.

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