College Student Never Having Set Foot in a College Classroom

By Cassandra Castillo, Asst. Features Editor–

As an upcoming sophomore, it is rare for me—and many other students— to say I have never set foot in a college classroom. For the entirety of my first year, my bed became my desk and having my microphone on became my biggest worry. 

 I have walked around campus several times, but I have never been in a lecture hall. It will be a drastic change from seeing black Zoom screens to a classroom full of students, which is  something many online students have not experienced in over a year. 

In a way, our first year as college students made us more antisocial. A couple of my friends who solely took online classes have no desire to meet new people anymore. It definitely took a toll on how we communicate with others in a classroom setting, seeing that many classes were asynchronous and not engaging. 

I, for one, am excited about the wonderful things I have heard about campus life soon becoming my reality. The library being one example, attending in-person events—mainly for the free t-shirts—and finally meeting Ms. Cassandra at Crossroads. 

Although I will have to drive to campus everyday, I can tell it will already be worth the few parking tickets I will receive in exchange for getting a real college experience. 

Sophomores did not receive in-person orientation, so I know I’ll find myself wandering around campus looking for my classes alongside many freshmen. If you see me or anyone asking for directions, kindly let us know.

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