“Wind Down UTC” Offers Stressed Students a Reprieve Before the Finale to a Weird Academic Year

With a flurry of finals, projects and papers looming over students at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as they enter the final stretch of an unusual semester, it is becoming easy to feel overwhelmed. In an attempt to encourage students to continue to work hard without burning out, Lupton Hall’s Multicultural Center hosted Wind Down UTC on April 22 and 23. 

Tiffany Haggard, a student at UTC, said she spent eight to ten hours per day on school work and studying for finals. 

“Knowing that finals are coming up, everything feels more stressful just because everything is due so soon,” Haggard said. 

She also noted that she finds it hard to relax. 

“Everything is due and there’s always so much work left to be done. Even when I am relaxing, I feel like I should be doing something else,” Haggard said. 

In order to remedy such feelings, the Multicultural Center partnered with the Counseling Center, Center for Women and Gender Equity and Veteran Student Services to put on a two-day fair that provides “a healthy outlet for students, that integrates traditional relaxation and mindfulness activities to alleviate the anxiety/distress that many encounters during final exams.” 

Tons of tshirts, pens, informational packets, and stress-relieving gadgets were given out by the four centers, along with free breakfast and lunch boxes. 

Trisha Daugherty was one of the students in attendance. 

“My physical health is good, but I’m just drained mentally,” Daugherty said. “I am overwhelmed but am trying to take a break occasionally just to breathe.” 

Among the various snacks and knickknacks Daugherty picked up at the fair were an Etch A Sketch and Play-Doh. 

“Sometimes it’s nice to just stop and be a little kid again, especially amid finals week,” Daugherty said. 

The event was a two-day fair that encouraged students to take a break from their studying and remember to focus on themselves and their own physical and mental health.

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