By Jenelle Pierce, Staff Writer–

On Saturday, August 17th, 2019, McKamey Animal Center hosted its annual “Clear the Shelters: Adoption Extravaganza” event. 

Clear the Shelters is an annual and nationally-recognized event that is spearheaded by NBC Universal. McKamey Animal Shelter in Chattanooga is one of many animal shelters that participated in Tennessee, with the goal being to accomplish exactly what the event title states: clear the shelters.

McKamey incentivized adoptions by offering reduced adoption fees and an all-hands-on-deck staff team. Prior to the big day, they also spread awareness about the furry friends available through Facebook as well as through their website. The “Clear the Shelters Adoption Extravaganza” Facebook page captured the attention of over 350 people, and it is likely the main reason that McKamey attracted such a crowd throughout the day.

From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on August 17th, the center reduced their normal $55 adoption fee down to $5 for cats/kittens, and $25 for adult dogs (excluding ambassadors). The reduced fee included spaying or neutering, microchipping, all necessary vaccines, and flea and tick prevention, all of which would normally be included in the standard $55 fee. 

Jamie McAloon, Executive Director at McKamey, told the Echo that its “Clear the Shelters” event was a huge success for the center.

“[Clear the Shelters] was our biggest adoption event yet, setting a record of 113 adoptions in only 10 hours,” she noted. “It was extremely successful.”. 

The event was quite timely, as summertime is usually when shelters fill up the most. McKamey was not in a position to take in any more pets before the event, but with these recent adoptions, they have been left with more empty kennels. That being said, those empty kennels usually don’t last long. 

“Lots of empty kennels… but unfortunately they are starting to fill up again,” said McAloon. McKamey usually takes in over 6,000 pets yearly, so it’s no surprise that the center is seeing more animals come in already. These will be especially necessary for the influx of animals McKamey is expecting following the rescue of more than 200 animals from a recent hoarding case in Bledsoe County. 

As one of the biggest animal rescue centers in Chattanooga, McKamey is dedicated to finding safe, loving, “forever homes” for dogs and cats. Before adopting, those interested have to fill out a survey, verify that they are allowed to have pets in their home, and introduce their new pet to any current one(s). McKamey also has a policy of not allowing any pet to leave the center unless the adopter has a leash or kennel for their new friend, which can be purchased at the center.

McKamey also offers specials on adoption fees frequently throughout the year, so they encourage people who are interested in adopting to call or stop by with any questions. For those not interested in adoption who want to help, McKamey is always grateful for donations, volunteers, and foster homes. They also have more information on their Facebook and the McKamey Animal Center website.

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