By Joy Wolinski, Staff Writer

Life’s A Beautiful Ride, a new Chattanooga celebration for families hosted by TransCard and Tralia HealthShare, had its debut event on Friday, September 6 at Miller Park. It included a variety of opportunities for fun, all catering to the greater Chattanooga community.

Vendors for the event included The Rustic House and Brass&Pebble. Life’s A Beautiful ride also hosted the Chattanooga Red Wolves soccer team, who operated an inflatable foosball table for anyone to enjoy.

There were many choices for food as well. Rolling J’s, California Smothered Burrito, and Clumpies were just a few local eateries with food trucks in attendance. For adults in attendance, a beer garden was available, and for the younger ones, event t-shirts, koozies, and stickers were offered as well. The event also had a picnic area where guests were able to sit and enjoy live music.

Life’s A Beautiful Ride welcomed the Spinster Sisters, Rick Rushing, and Dan Pinson, who all contributed to live music performances. Their music had everyone on their feet dancing throughout the course of the event. Later into the evening, a flash mob broke out in the middle of the crowd, and people really seemed to enjoy it.

Tonya Jackson, who was in attendance with her two sons, says “I really love events like these; it gives us something fun to do on the weekends…I’m really happy to see what they’ve done to [Miller] park.” She also added that she plans to come to the event again.

Life’s A Beautiful ride also featured a free flower stand in honor of Sandy Bell (known to locals as Sandy the Flower Man), who recently passed away in Chattanooga. The idea of the stand was that, like Sandy, those who took a flowers or two would give them to someone else in return. The event additionally offered face painting, balloon animal art, and a “Sun-Kissed Photo Booth.”

Life’s A Beautiful Ride plans to host more event nights and want to make the celebration a recurring event for everyone in Chattanooga to enjoy. The organization would like to eventually add more vendors and a variety of different musical acts, but the event is free to all who would like to attend. 

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