By Mary Kate Sheppard, Staff Writer-

Many plans are already in progress for the annual Chattanooga Film Festival that is coming up in mid-April. This year, the festival is from April 16-19 and is starring an impressive lineup. 

Organizers are working hard to secure the list of movies for this years’ film festival.  

Closing on Thursday the 16th is filmmaker Rob Grant’s 65 Days of Static. Grant is returning with his new work after receiving a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes for his film Harpoon. 

However, those who miss 65 Days of Static won’t be able to see it later on YouTube because Grant plans to destroy his film after its premiere.

 “We aren’t destroying a film, we are making it disposable. We get to have a one-time-only experience on this planet with the people who make the effort to get out of bed and offer their time, money, and energy at a festival that I think is at the forefront of championing unique projects, and that to me is special,” said director Robert Grant to CFF organizers. 

Along with Grant’s 65 Days of Static, many others will be in attendance including Synchronic, a sci-fi drama directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead about two medics in New Orleans.

In addition, Fangoria is expected to appear at the Chattanooga Film Festival for its world premiere. Fangoria is the remaking of a 1995 film Castle Freak. Castle Freak is about a woman named Rebecca who inherits a castle from a long-lost mother but discovers some dark secrets about her family tree. 

Also joining the lineup is Analog Love, which is a documentary centered on music as an artistic release. Directed by Rob Galluzzo, Analog Love focuses on the art of a mixtape and how we use music as an effective way of communication. 

In addition to showing the film, there will also be mixtape booths at CFF for guests to purchase vinyls, CDs, and cassette tapes to create their own personal “mixtape.” 

Some of the other films ready on the lineup are Cargo, and Indian sci-fi drama directed by Arati Kadau, Nightmare University, a podcast from Dr. Rebekah McKendry, and Separation, a film also by Dr. McKendry. 

Zach Lamplough also plans to make his directorial debut with his film titled The Vice Guide of Bigfoot which is a satirical perspective on the news outlet Vice. 

Inspired by Lamplough’s film, there will also be a festival Bigfoot hut, Sass-Watch. In the hunt, participants will explore downtown Chattanooga and see some of its greatest sights on the search for the elusive bigfoot. 

“I think our purpose is nothing short of trying to build a film community and even a film market where previously one didn’t exist. In general, it feels like we’ve helped make this city a safer place for cinema and for those who love it and want to learn about either making or appreciating it,” says executive director of the CFF, Chris Dortch II. 

He said, “At this stage, we’ve just completed our film submissions process and also scouted out the other movies that will be a part of this year’s lineup. I think a lot of people in this city think that we get paid to put this event on, but that’s simply not the case. Even now we’re hustling to make sure we can get everything we want to do paid for.”

Dortch II and his team of volunteers are working hard to make this year’s festival the best one yet for audience members. 

“For us, it goes so much further than the films. We want this festival to be a complete emotional recharge and a blast of pure joy for all who attend every year, and it’s my sincere hope everyone who attends, whether they’ve been a film buff their whole life or they are just beginning to discover their love of movies, begins to get a greater understanding of just how important the movies can be,” said Dortch II. 

As of now, VIP passes are available for purchase at along with volunteer applications.

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