Coolidge Park (photo by Cade Deakin)

By Abigail Frazier, News Editor—

With the recent, dare I say drastic, change in temperature, Chattanooga seems to finally experience a little taste of fall. From events around the city to beautiful changes in scenery, Chattanooga has a lot of options for enjoying this change. Listed below are five fun ways to get outside and experience fall in our city.

     1.     Point Park

Located on Lookout Mountain and approximately twenty minutes away from UTC, Point Park offers a panoramic view of the city as well as rich history of the battles of Chattanooga. Being a part of the National Park Association, there is a cover fee of $7 which guests can pay through a self service machine. Not only is the view one to remember, but there are also numerous trails for hiking, running, or simple another way to take in all this park has to offer. With the change in season, this spot is one to enjoy views of the city as well as learn more about some history of Chattanooga.

      2.      Signal Point

Not only does Lookout Mountain have wonderful attractions, but Signal Mountain offers gorgeous views and hiking spots as well. Also about a twenty minute drive from campus, Signal Point is located atop Signal Mountain and overlooks the Tennessee River between Signal And Raccoon Mountains. This spot offers another beautiful panoramic view of the river and the mountains, being a perfect spot to watch the leaves change in this autumn season. With the access point to the Cumberland Hiking Trail, this lookout spot also turns into a great hiking location just minutes away from downtown.

     3.     Chattanooga Market

Open every sunday from April to December in the hours of 11 am to 4 pm, the Chattanooga Market offers an experience of music, artisan food, fresh produce, art and other goods all from local vendors. With free entrance to the public, this market meets at the First Tennessee Pavilion which is barely five minutes away from campus. Take in the change of season with lunch at a food truck, music performances from local artists, stroll through the numerous vendors, and a few groceries to take home to the dorms. To add to the excitement even more to this market, on Oct. 28, the sunday market will be a Haunted Market with costume parades, pumpkins and more spooky items to get everyone ready for fall.

     4.     Raccoon Mountain Road

With miles of road perfect for walking, cycling or driving, the view from this spot is one to remember. Overlooking both Lookout and Raccoon mountains, Raccoon Mountain Road is perfect for a relaxing time away from campus and perfect for embracing this fall change. By typing in TVA Raccoon Mountain Visitor Center in maps, this road is about 25 minutes away from campus. Go alone, take your friends, do whatever to make this trip because it is a wonderful spot to enjoy this season.

     5.     Chattanooga Riverwalk

Stretching 13 miles along the southern banks of the Tennessee River, the Chattanooga Riverwalk allows everyone to enjoy the nature and beautiful outdoors in this city. For students, the easiest way to access the riverwalk is a few blocks away from the ARC. Not only is this spot great for views, it is also comes with 24 hour security and lamps along the path to create a safe place for anyone.


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