By Brianna Williams—News Editor

When I started college, holidays began to become less fun. I don’t know if it was not being at home or around my family, not having the same parties or events to go to, or just being too overwhelmed to think about anything besides school, but something definitely changed. This year, however, I’m determined to bring my holiday excitement back. Therefore, I’ve discovered five different ways to get in the Halloween spirit, just in time for next week:

Decorate your dorm/apartment/house. Decorating for Halloween is vastly underrated. Everyone loves bringing the Christmas tree out, but I say it’s ten times more fun to turn your house into a haunted mansion. Put up fake cobwebs (or leave up the real ones that are already there)! Make creepy signs! Put up orange lights! If you have the funds, I urge you to go all out. 

Carve a pumpkin. I know this one sounds obvious, but it really is an effective way to get in the Halloween (and Fall) spirit. There’s just something about going outside when it’s sixty degrees, yanking the guts out of a pumpkin, and giving it a face. Plus, the carved pumpkin works wonders in decorating your home, and pumpkin seeds taste so delicious when toasted. Some fantastic pumpkin patches near Chattanooga include Weaver Tree Farms, Blowing Springs Farm, and Old McDonald’s Farm. 

Make a Halloween playlist. I have a spooky-scary track-list on Spotify, and it has truly helped me get in the Halloween mood. Some of my top tracks are Monster Mash, Thriller, This is Halloween, and Witch Doctor. 

Go to a haunted house. Or a Halloween store, or a scary movie, or anything that gets you most excited! Personally, I love being scared, and Chattanooga has lots of great haunted experiences to do just that. Some of the most talked-about in Chattanooga are Dread Hollow, The Haunted Hilltop, and the Haunted Depot (which is the cheapest of the three). You could also try a Chattanooga ghost tour, which is offered year-round.

Plan your Halloween night. What are you doing on Halloween? Plan ahead, get your homework done the night before (if possible), and go to the most exciting party or hand out candy to kids or make an awesome costume;prepare to buy all of the Halloween candy that will soon be on sale.

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

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