UTC 9/11 memorial reminds students, faculty to never forget

Editorial –Thirteen years later; America still remembers. Most of us can remember exactly where we were the second we heard the news about the attack on our own soil. But, just because it’s been 13 years and the “War on Terror” is supposedly over, does that mean we should forget? Forget what happened that day […]

Infrastructure reveals cracks under weight of expansion

Editorial — The expansion of the University poses a problem. Foremost, space in the landscape of downtown is sparse, and in order to acquire buildings, people must be moved out and spaces renovated. Nothing is immediate in the rush to accommodate a growing campus, especially in the emerging life in downtown. But that particular tension […]

Sportsmanship the main focus for intramurals

Editorial  — The fall semester is underway at UTC and that means intramurals are starting up. Former student athletes in high school should seriously consider trying out for the intramurals on campus. Campus Recreation puts a lot of their time and effort in making sure these intramurals are worth joining, and students should take advantage of […]

Professors should think twice before requiring textbooks

Every semester UTC students and college students in general find out what textbooks they are required to buy and how expensive they will be, in addition to tuition, fees, room and board and anything else the college institution decides to pile on financially. And how many times have your new teachers said you “need” the […]

Student fee has same price tag, different benefits

Robert Fisher, SGA President, Chattanooga, Tenn. — Scrappy emails from Chuck Cantrell, associate vice chancellor for marketing and communications, started early this year asking students to “opt in” to the student activity fee, which provides money to aid programing for the Campus Activities Board and other organizations on campus. Last semester the Tennessee General Assembly […]

Staff looks back on academic year

Editorial — We at The Echo would like to thank all of the students and faculty who have read and supported our publication this year. Not only have we seen increased readership on our website — at times reaching 1,000 views per hour — but we have felt the student presence on campus through our social […]

Neo-Nazis in Chattanooga channel common situations on campus

Editorial —  Last week we asked students to respond on our Facebook page to the returned presence of the street preachers. Most of the comments encouraged students to ignore the preachers, claiming that attention was the main goal of the group. While we at the Echo have spoken out previously supporting the right to protest of […]

Advisement tips: who to consult and what to do

Editorial — Making your class schedule can cause a lot of headaches each semester. We, at The Echo, have a few ways to help you make this process as simple as possible. For starters, talking to your advisor is a very helpful step. Don’t go into your advising meeting without doing any background research on classes […]

Trigger warnings are imperative to consenting students

Editorial — Note: This editorial will discuss the issues of interpersonal violence through statistics on college campuses as an indicator of our community at UTC and contextualize that in a greater need for trigger warnings. We at The Echo, as journalists and as informed people, strive to create a forum for issues that are important for […]

Athletes deserve more support from student body

Editorial — The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has 17 athletic programs that represent them, and it is important that all of the student-athletes that have sacrificed their time and effort to represent us should get recognition. We at The Echo have focused on previewing upcoming events and profiles on certain athletes so that students can get to know […]