CAB Week

By the Mocs News staff Chattanooga, TN (Mocs News) –  This was CAB week, and the Campus Activities Board didn’t shy away from fun activities for UTC students. They kicked off the week with a flipbook photo booth Monday, followed by a laser tag event in the UC Tuesday night. On Wednesday, they held a […]

SGA Update

By Bria Craig Chattanooga, Tenn (UTC/Mocs News) – SGA had a week of tongue twisters and misinterpretations but once everything was clarified the meeting was productive. They allocated 1,500-dollars to the Charles M. Rennelsen Leadership scholarship and the Richard E. McDougall Leadership scholarship. 5-thousand-dollars went to sponsor the leadership banquet. 400-dollars went to sponsor two […]

Living Wages for All Asked on UTC Campus

By Andy Jungels Chattanooga, Tenn ( UTC/Mocs News) - Progressive Student Alliance and the United Campus Workers delivered a letter to University Administrators asking them for living wages for all campus employees March 6th. They believe in giving workers a living wage. Living wage allows a family to live comfortably paying for all bills, achieving adequate […]

Stand for Freedom on Campus

By Tia Kalmon Chattanooga, Tenn (UTC/Mocs News) – This is the first year UTC has been involved with Stand for Freedom, a national anti-slavery movement. This movement allowed students to raise awareness and to speak for those who can’t, by standing for 27 hours for the 27 million people still enslaved. There are 161 countries […]

SGA Report 10/11/12

Aaraon Wells, Chattanooga, TN– Members of SGA voted to allot $8,000 for the Campus Activity Board, Tuesday in their weekly meeting. The funds will be to create a diverse programming schedule. CAB meets at 3:30 p.m. in the Heritage Room, and meetings are open to the public. The Student Body Project Committee submitted a resolution […]

Library Politico

By Alexa Williams Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Loop) -  Election season brings out debates, yard signs, and also Lupton Library’s Campaign and Political Memorabilia collection for the first time in four years. Complete with bumper stickers and pins from both presidential campaign winners and losers, this collection allows students and the public  to get up close […]

IT Improvements on UTC Campus


By Max Cordell Chattanooga, TN (UTC/Mocs News) –  With the increase in students, the IT department has addressed their issues and changes to Internet speed and technological resources. Thomas Hoover, Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor says with a lot more students this year, they had to increase the internet bandwidth on campus. Hoover […]

Outdoors: Ladies Only


By Alexa Williams Chattanooga, TN  (UTC/Mocs News) – Listen up Ladies! If you want to bond with nature, meet new people, and get a break from Chattanooga life, make room in your schedule for this fall’s Ladies Only Camping Trip. Organized by UTC’s women’s Center and UTC Outdoors, this deal includes tubing down the Hiwassee River, […]

Overseas Voting for the Presidential Race


By Alexa Williams Chattanooga, TN  (UTC/Mocs News) –  With the 2012 presidential election coming up during our fall semester out of county students may not know they have the option to vote without having to return to their home town. Tennessee Department of State’s website lists categories in which voting by mail or “absentee” voting is […]