Saftey and risk management prepare for inclement weather

By Dan Martin, Chattanooga, TN–University officials say they have plans for every inclement weather situation that could arise in the following months. University officials watch the weather 24 hours a day and track storms that are days away from hitting Chattanooga and the surrounding area, Tim Pridemore, the University’s emergency management specialist, said. “We are […]

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  • Keeping students fed

    Construction causes power outage

    By Gabrielle Chevalier Chattanooga, TN (UTC/The Echo) – Construction workers revamping Cardiac Hill caused a campus-wide power outage Sunday, which left the Guerry Center and Crossroads Dining without power until Tuesday evening. Chuck Cantrell, associate vice chancellor for University relations, said the outage lasted across campus for approximately five hours before power was restored to some […]

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  • Too much?

    UTC leaders advise students to avoid binge drinking, despite reports it can bring happiness

    By Sarah Kiefer, Chattanooga, TN–As the new school year on a dry campus gets underway—and following a recent binge drinking report—UTC leaders said too much alcohol can have negative effects on students’ lives, despite recent research that excessive drinking can lead to happiness. Police Chief Robert Ratchford said that although students who binge drink might […]

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  • New school year brings administration changes

    By Gabrielle Chevalier, Chattanooga, TN–Recent administrative changes have left several important positions to be filled during the 2012–2013 academic year. Among those who have accepted positions at other universities are: former Provost Phil Oldham, former Vice Chancellor for University advancement Bob Lyon  and former Athletic Director Rick Hart. Herbert Burhenn, former dean of arts and sciences, also retired […]

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