Takeaways from 2015 State of the Union address

By Eve Hermann, Chattanooga, Tenn.— Last Tuesday, Jan. 20, President Obama delivered his sixth State of the Union address. For me, the State of the Union address has always been accompanied with a certain amount of political “swagger”, and I have always enjoyed watching it. As voters and taxpayers it is our duty to stay informed […]

White House task force aims to prevent sexual assault on college campuses


By Sarah Grace Battles, Chattanooga, Tenn.–On Jan. 25, President Barack Obama created a White House Task Force to address the alarming statistic that “an estimated one in five women is sexually assaulted at college.” In the President’s weekly radio and Internet address on whitehouse.gov, President Obama proposed multiple solutions to help curb the number of […]

Obama introduces ‘Scorecard’ aimed at ranking college value as sequester threatens financial aid cuts

Contributed photo by White House Press Staff
State of the Union: President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address, which he mentioned issues concerning colleges and universities nationwide, such as the yearly increases in school tuition.

By Emily Gurchiek, Chattanooga, TN—With college and university tuition rising every year, President Barack Obama said during his State of the Union speech he wanted to find a way to hold schools accountable by grading them on their affordability and value. The president’s message was delivered as the sequester, a series of automatic budget cuts […]

Obama inaugurated for the second time, makes politically powerful speech

Obama inaugurated for second time

By Hannah Lazar, Chattanooga, TN—On Jan. 21, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 44th President Barack Obama was inaugurated  for the second time. According to MSNBC, over 800,000 were in attendance at the event in the nation’s capital, most of whom were spread across the National Mall. Celebrity guests included Beyoncé, who sang the National Anthem, […]

New chancellor should focus on master plan

By Aaron Wells, Chattanooga, TN– As the search for a new chancellor winds down, and members of the UTC community have been able to see and listen to the candidates through public forums, search committee members must now make their recommendations to University of Tennessee President Joe DiPietro based who they believe is best suited […]

Party lines should not hold America back from moving forward after the election

By Sean Jones, Chattanooga, TN—Last night I watched Barack Obama earn the right to represent our country as the president for a second term. Then I watched social media feeds flood with celebration and criticism of the outcome of the 2012 presidential campaign. Then I became frustrated, confused and saddened in a way that I […]

Progressive decisions in elections show importance of political action

By Editorial, Chattanooga, TN—The Nov. 6 election was full of tension, surprises and close calls. Not only was Barack Obama re-elected in a nail-biter of an electoral race, but America elected its first openly gay senator, Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, and several states legalized gay marriage or marijuana. These decisions show that America is ready […]

Obama re-elected President of the United States

State of the Union

By Megan Ferguson and Christina Maximos, Chattanooga, TN—President Barack Hussein Obama remains the President of the United States for another term. After a close, neck-and-neck race, Obama was elected president in 2008 and officially became the 44th President of the United States in 2009. Obama will continue for an additional term. The election will have […]

Presidential debate shows first real constructive use of social media

By Jake Bacon, Chattanooga, TN—The presidential debate last week was groundbreaking, not just because it gave us a glance into the candidates’ personalities and showed us some of their policies, but also because this is the first election year since the invention of twitter and other social media sites. Over ten million tweets were generated during Wednesday’s debate, […]