Obama’s interest in Syria points out inherent hypocrisy of his promise to bring troops home

Editorial, Chattanooga, TN–Though many of us were pretty young, we all remember what happened this time of year during 2001. Terrorists attacked the U.S. World Trade Center killing many U.S. citizens and loved ones. War is something that seems to constantly stick around in one shape or form and today our country faces a time […]

Jay-Z overly scrutinized, White House holds press conference

By Sean Jones, Chattanooga, TN– Jay-Z is really important. Like, really important. He is so important, that the White House had to call a press conference to address his lyrics. This is, in my opinion, absolutely ridiculous. I do not think there have been any rap related press conferences involving the White House before, but […]

Obama introduces ‘Scorecard’ aimed at ranking college value as sequester threatens financial aid cuts

Contributed photo by White House Press Staff
State of the Union: President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address, which he mentioned issues concerning colleges and universities nationwide, such as the yearly increases in school tuition.

By Emily Gurchiek, Chattanooga, TN—With college and university tuition rising every year, President Barack Obama said during his State of the Union speech he wanted to find a way to hold schools accountable by grading them on their affordability and value. The president’s message was delivered as the sequester, a series of automatic budget cuts […]

Drawing Conclusions: 2/21/2013


Times Free Press editorial misses point of Obama’s speech

By Hannah Lazar, Chattanooga, TN—Last week, I wrote about Obama’s inauguration speech, praising his progressive words, but mainly explaining his main point—that we have to stop the ridiculousness of partisan politics and absolutist ideologies and learn to work together in Washington. Unfortunately, it seems the Free Press editorial staff missed that point. They ran an […]

Campus Comments: What did you think about Obama’s Inauguration?

“It was a nice ceremony and had a rich sense of honesty, but it was sad that a lot of people watched it just for Beyoncé not the true meaning of the inauguration.”

— Blake Osa-Oni, Nashville, senior

  Photos and opinions compiled by Shawna O’Neal

Obama inaugurated for the second time, makes politically powerful speech

Obama inaugurated for second time

By Hannah Lazar, Chattanooga, TN—On Jan. 21, Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, 44th President Barack Obama was inaugurated  for the second time. According to MSNBC, over 800,000 were in attendance at the event in the nation’s capital, most of whom were spread across the National Mall. Celebrity guests included Beyoncé, who sang the National Anthem, […]

New health care bill to cause possible changes for students

By Rachel Scott, Chattanooga, TN–President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act will likely have varying impacts on college students, and Carol Oglesby, Coordinator of Student Civic Engagement and Physical Health Education and Promotion, said so far the new law doesn’t seem to benefit UTC students. “The Affordable Health Care act doesn’t seem to be helping the […]