Get off cell phones, join community

Editorial – Clearly, our generation has some improving to do. Yes, supposedly we are the most advanced humanity has ever been. We are more educated, healthier and our quality of life is far superior to what it has been. But, we are still far from perfect. It is 2014 and there is still war, famine, […]

Ice Bucket Challenge more than new fad for pop culture

Cartoon by Sara Moroni

Kaylene Chadwell, Chattanooga, Tenn. — Everyone has seen amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) ice bucket challenge videos take over their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, the ice bucket challenge involves getting a bucket of ice water dumped over one’s head. Then, the participant nominates other friends or […]

Social media could lead to unrealistic life comparisons

By Emily Gurchiek Chattanooga, Tenn., – Fun fact: college may not be the best years of your life. No matter what the movies, BuzzFeed articles, or your cool aunt lead you to believe, college is not all fun and games. Sometimes these four years just plain suck. Sometimes college is when you realize you are alone. You move […]

“Listicle” represents alternative form of journalism

Lily Sanchez
Spanish Edition Editor

Lily Sanchez, Chattanooga, Tenn. — The year 2013 saw an interesting rise in collections of writing in the form of detailed lists, idiomadically named the “listicle.” These articles have flooded our social media feed and continue to do so in 2014. The lists provide a myriad of tips, compilations and insights for the average social media […]

Online romance sparked by @UTCCrushes/Cuties rivalry

Amber Wilson, Chattanooga, Tenn. — Twitter followers witnessed a brawl this summer between two anonymous accounts that highlight students around campus for their looks. @UTCCuties stole the idea and logo from the previous account @UTCCrushes, who popularized tweeting at attractive people on campus through the account. The pages’ argument happened via Twitter over an alleged tweet […]

Study: Facebook could bring out your inner grief


Heather Peckham, Chattanooga, TN—Becky posted 10 new pictures of her sorority’s weekend bash. Mary is feeling stoked about arriving in Hawaii for spring break. Timothy may have possibly made the best pasta dinner of his entire life. Nick and Jane finally got engaged! And there’s a sepia tinted Instagram photo to prove it. And what […]

LinkedIn lowers minimum age


By Emily Gurchiek—Starting Sept. 12, LinkedIn Corp. will allow U.S. high school students, as young as 14, to create a professional-networking profile. This change has brought into question whether the function of the site will still be beneficial for college students and professionals who seek to connect for professional reasons. To be a go-to resource […]

Social media helps us forget that it’s inner beauty that matters most

By Shawna O’Neal, Chattanooga, TN—I am not your typical smartphone user or social media user for that matter. I only have one social media account and it is with Facebook and yes, I have the app on my iPhone. But that is all folks. I do not understand the thrill that comes with having several […]

LifeKraze provides ‘Cool’ opportunities

Contributed photo by Skip Skipper
Keeping it cool: Rob Crowder, a Chattnooga senior and Noel Bartley, a Chattanooga junior, show off their LifeKraze swag after basketball in the ARC.

By Idris Garcia, Chattanooga, TN–A new internship available to college students is all about learning how to “play it cool.” LifeKraze, a social media company that began in Chattanooga, is all about being active and involved with the community, and their new program, the CooLKids, reflects just that. “It’s internship opportunity or experience for college […]

Parody UTC accounts demeaning, not funny

EDITORIAL–We are constantly on social media in an attempt to not only promote our product but also stay updated on what is happening on campus and across the country. Plenty of Facebook and Twitter accounts exist with the goal of spreading news and positive messages about what is happening around us. An equal amount of […]