New app helps students choose clean sex partners


By Baris Gursakal, Chattanooga, Tenn.–Hula, a smart phone application that helps individuals practice safe sex, was released with college students and spring break in mind. The application, which is available in the iTunes app store, can help users find the best place to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases anywhere in the United States, retrieve […]

Classes are an indication of problem solving, not practicality

Sarah Keifer, Chattanooga, Tenn. — I recently read two “articles” on the social site Buzzfeed that left me thinking about my time in college and what it means after graduation. As I read “55 Questions Everyone Asks After College” and “15 Courses That Should Be Taught In College,” I thought about the questions I will have […]

New website helps students, families find best deals on class materials

By Andi Clifton–College students are now able to compare prices for books on one site, which could potentially save thousands when shopping.  Slug Books, created by David Miller in 2008, works with several eCommerce sites to find the widest variety of pricing options. “Shopping for textbooks online is incredibly easy and shipping is fast, our […]

Trigger warnings are imperative to consenting students

Editorial — Note: This editorial will discuss the issues of interpersonal violence through statistics on college campuses as an indicator of our community at UTC and contextualize that in a greater need for trigger warnings. We at The Echo, as journalists and as informed people, strive to create a forum for issues that are important for […]

Midterm exams push mental health toward forefront

Editorial — In light of midterms, we at The Echo want to encourage students to be safe and healthy while studying. We know all-nighters happen; we pull some ourselves. But reports from “US News and World Report” suggest pulling an all-nighter makes your memory worse. “This is because sleep allows your brain time to repair and […]

Health services’ walk-in policy turns away ill students

By Andrea Tetrault, Chattanooga, TN– UTC Health Services, located in Maclellan Gym, offers a variety of services to students, but what do they not provide? When it comes to certain situations or emergencies, students need to know where to go. Senior Sarah Winters of Sevierville, Tenn., went to Health Services Sept. 25 to receive treatment for […]

Bikes chained to trees sparks SGA movement


By Joakim Roth, Chattanooga, TN -Bikers at UTC are getting creative with where they are locking up their bikes due to the lack of bike racks on campus. This issue has caught the attention of SGA President Robert Fisher, who said the concern will be looked into. “SGA has certainly received feedback regarding the need of […]

Welcome to the great state of denial!

cartoon sept

From cartoonist Sara Moroni–  

Teachers and students play role in college sleeping habits

By Zack Kirby, Chattanooga, TN–At UTC, college students are very busy with our lives, and one thing that we are usually too busy for is sleep. It is a known fact that college students do not get enough sleep. Statistics show that the average college student gets about six hours of sleep per night, according […]

Academic, financial pressures lead to stress

Ever increasing pressures and expectations on high school and college students today have created an environment of stress, and cause many students to search for a way to boost their performance. In order to be able to do all that is required in classes, maintain jobs to pay for the many costs of college, find […]