Support student programming, choose option one

Editorial – As students, one would think that the money we pay to attend school and all of the fees encompassed in that would go to enhancing our college experience. Wrong. After a Sex Week Event at the University of Tennessee–Knoxville, the way that student funding is spent came up for discussion. The aftermath of […]

Students should vote to let their voices be heard

voting photo

Editorial – Well students, we know you have heard this phrase since your eighteenth birthday, but here in Tennessee, now is the time to let your voice be heard – go vote. In the last presidential election, almost half of the 18-29-year-olds cast a vote, according to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning […]

Tennessee House drops portion of bill allowing students to use college IDs to vote

By Megan Ferguson, Chattanooga, TN—The Tennessee House of Representatives recently dropped a proposal to let college students use their campus identification cards at the polls. The House Local Government Committee amended a bill to strip out language that would have let students at public colleges and universities in Tennessee show their school IDs to vote, […]

OrgSync voting dropped from SGA election process

Photo illustration by Alyssa Baldwin
Election time: Eric Cromartie, an Arlington, Va., junior, Alex Neil, a Knoxville junior, Johnny Smathers, an Arlington Va., freshman and John Fentress, a Nashville junior, pose with their election buttons. For further election information, check page two.

By Gabrielle Chevalier, Chattanooga, TN–Voting for the 2013 Student Government Association positions  begin April 3, and officials said the discontinued use of the former OrgSync system to vote should lead to a big increase in participation from students. This year, three candidates are vying for the position of president: Robert Fisher, a Clarksville, Tenn., sophomore, […]

Study suggests more young people would vote in elections if online voting was a possibility

Photo by Mary Gower
The right to vote: Michael Frazzitta, a Clarksville, Tenn., senior, showed his support for running candidate Jerry Mitchell. Mitchell was elected for the Chattanooga City Council District 2 seat. Frazzitta worked with Mitchell’s campaign during this election season.

By Leah Kiernozek, Chattanooga, TN—More people would vote if they were able to register online, according to a report done by the young voters’ advocacy group, About 22 million young voters turned out last November, making up 19 percent of the American electorate, according to the report. The percentage is greater than 2004 and 2008. […]

Taxi driver offers no charge rides to voting sites

By Editorial, Chattanooga, TN—Taxi driver Paul Elliot took the initiative Monday to get last minute voters who live in the North Chattanooga to the booths by offering a free taxi ride. Elliot leases a cab from Millenium Cabs. Eager to get last minute voters to the booths, Elliot posted a status on Facebook Monday informing […]

Future is bright but scary for college seniors

By Sean Jones, Chattanooga, TN—For the last 16 years, I have been a student. I have been an elementary school student, a middle school student, a high school student and a college student. I have taken somewhere in the neighborhood of one bajillion tests and done what seems like days and days of homework. I […]

Election insults women’s intelligence

By Editorial, Chattanooga, TN—Male voters are very turned off by different campaign strategies, and candidates work hard to secure the all-important men votes. This does not make sense, and neither does the rhetoric and attention involving females voting. People act as though this is the first time women have had the right to vote in […]

Students should be educated in election process

By Editorial, Chattanooga, TN—As Election Day draws closer, there are still a large number of voters who consider themselves undecided. More than likely, some people are undecided because they are genuinely torn between the idea of either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama being in office in January. But others are undecided because of their apathy, […]

Organizations encourage election participation

Poly Sci

By Aaron Wells, Chattanooga, TN–Members of University  organizations seek to encourage student participation in November elections, though a recent study suggests that civic knowledge and engagement among young people is low. According to the study conducted by Tufts University Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement, young people with little civic knowledge […]