Editorial — Making your class schedule can cause a lot of headaches each semester. We, at The Echo, have a few ways to help you make this process as simple as possible.

For starters, talking to your advisor is a very helpful step. Don’t go into your advising meeting without doing any background research on classes you need to take.

We have found that advisers can be really helpful in deciding what classes best fit your interests and schedule.

Advisers are here to help you, so ask them questions and get their opinion on different courses and professors.

Department heads are extremely insightful about courses in their department. In order to find out if a specific course is one you would like to take, talking to your department head about the overview of the course can help you decide if it is a good fit for you or not. Some will even tell you about specific teaching styles among different professors.

Even though ratemyprofessor.com is not always accurate, sometimes it can be a helpful resource for general education courses that offer a number of different professors and times.

If mathematics is not your best subject, you do not want a professor that other students have found to be extremely hard. Ratemyprofessor.com can sometimes help you find professors that are easier and nicer.

In addition, talking with classmates and upperclassmen about courses and professors can give you a good idea of which classes are fun or boring and which teachers will lecture you to sleep.

Students seem to be pretty open with their peers about how they feel about specific classes and professors. This could help you get insight into the curriculum of a class and style of teaching from a first hand perspective.

When figuring out your course schedule for next semester, keep these in mind: advisers, ratemyprofessor.com and peers are all your friends, and you will need their help for more than just advisement in the future.

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