An observation of student life in the game room

By Eve Hermann, Chattanooga, Tenn., – As an aspiring journalist, I believe it is my duty to dig deep into issues and investigate things first-hand. This week’s adventure brought me deep into the heart of campus: the UTC game room.

The first thing I noticed in the game room is the smell. It smells like a mixture of old spice, cigar smoke and food. If you were to bottle the smell of a biker and spray it everywhere, the game room would be that smell. If that doesn’t appeal to you, do not fear, you get used to it.

The next thing I observed is this place would be a great shelter. It is located on the first floor of the University Center (UC), beneath all of the action in the food court. Sure, the glass walls from the Mocs Card office and student media center might be a problem, but I did not say it is the perfect shelter. I’m still putting it on my list of safe places on campus for inclement weather and a zombie invasion if that ever happens.

Probably my favorite observation in the game room was the people. Maybe that’s creepy but I’m calling it investigative journalism. The people who come into the game room are almost their own underground culture. They enjoy face-to-face interaction and competition. Whether they’re playing ping-pong, pool or video games, it’s all friendly competition. These people know how to interact and they will probably rule the world one day.

All of that being said, after several days (yes, days) of observing I realized there are several people who frequent the game room and stay there for several hours. This brings me to my final observation and the question: how do these people find the time? I’m almost dumbfounded, but I have to admire these people for making time for fun and their friends because I sometimes don’t.

Looking back on it, it was kind of strange watching people in the game room. I know it sounds weird and silly but a good bit of what I do is weird and silly. I would recommend the game room to anyone. I would also recommend spending time face-to-face with your friends because they are sometimes what is most important.

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