By Brittany Dillman, Staff Writer —

Local college band, Moon Hollow, is psyched for the possibilities ahead of them with new music and graduation on the horizon.

The formation of the band all started in 2014 when members Parker Hyde and Wilborne Martin attended an open mic night in the multicultural center at UTC. Hyde and Martin both performed separately, but after that night would soon join together along with Patrick Holland to start making music together.

The group played together with Hyde playing the keyboard and singing vocals, Holland on guitar and Martin on guitar and bass. After losing their original drummer, they found Evan Patrick and the four have been playing together as Moon Hollow ever since.

“Will just has a ton of experience playing music and I knew I wanted to start a band in college,” said Hyde. “We collectively dragged the other two into it, but everyone is fully committed at this point and enjoys it.”

The band draws inspiration for their music from all over the place and aims to make each song sound different. Because of this they do not have a set genre they identify with, but most closely feel they fit in with the alternative rock style.

“We are influenced from every band that jams around or does any form of rock jam,” said Hyde. “It is important what band you play with at a gig. Every time we play with another band we get inspired and our next practice draws sound from them.”

Moon Hollow has two singles out titled “Sonsetting” and “Bird Brains” that can be accessed on their Soundcloud. They have also been working on recording their first EP and plan to have it out by this summer.

In the meantime, the band is playing a lot of shows around Chattanooga. They are performing March 24 at Ziggy’s Bar & Grill and March 31 at JJ’s.

As graduation approaches for the four seniors of Moon Hollow, they look into the future and the future of the band after leaving college. They hope to travel nationally; seeing and experiencing as much as possible and performing where ever they can.

“If nothing happens from a tour like that, then we had a great experience and did what we loved for as long as we could and made the most of it,” said Hyde.

In the meantime, check out Moon Hollow’s music at

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