By Cole Winton—Advertising Manager

Southside Social, a place where its purpose lives in its name, has been a melting pot for UTC students and the people of Chattanooga for nearly 5 years. Offering activities like a bowling alley, ping pong, billiards, corn hole, and many more, socializing comes easy. For those of the gregarious temperament, this is a feeding ground of joy. However, for the wary and apprehensive, this might as well be the slaughterhouse. 

In my experience, the majority of my appearances at this establishment have been for birthday gatherings. Most of which, I was a guest of a guest. This is a formula for a night full of small talk, to which some refer as an exhausting time. 

In scenarios like these, I often look to the timeless answer: the bathroom excuse. In a moment of feeling overwhelmed, the latrine offers a place of solitude, allowing you to regroup and recharge. With clean commodes and working appliances, you can surely get your business done.

However, when you go to wash your hands, you might find yourself in the exact situation you were there to avoid. The person you thought you knew the most (yourself) isn’t the one in the mirror. That’s because there is, in fact, no mirror. Rather, there is a perfectly disguised cut out to the opposite bathroom. In the time it takes you to register what is actually happening, you are already engaged in a full conversation of eye contact. 

This will completely catch you off guard if you are not prepared. The positive outcome is that any encounter after this will be less uncomfortable. The moral is that if you are attending Southside Social for any event, be prepared for a full night of conversing. If this is not your cup of tea, they do have a full bar to help.

After careful evaluation, the Southside Social bathroom receives a 4.9/10.

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