By Ashley Day, Opinion Editor–

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some of the breathtaking waterfalls this area has to offer. Here’s a compilation of some of my personal favorite places to see waterfalls near the city.

Lula Falls

Lula Lake Land Trust on Lookout Mountain is home to two waterfalls and a beautiful overlook. The waterfall located farther downstream from the picturesque Lula Lake is absolutely beautiful when it’s full of water. The hike down to the falls is short and not very strenuous, but there is also a great place to view the waterfall without hiking down to it.

5000 Lula Lake Rd

Foster Falls

Climbers flock to Foster Falls every time the weather is nice, but it’s also a great place to just hike and enjoy the view. Located in Sequatchie, about 45 minutes from the city, it’s an easy day trip or a fun stop on the way to Nashville. An easy hike will get you to the top of the falls, or you can take a steep but short hike down to the bottom. It’s a great place to swim in the summer!

498 Foster Falls Rd

Hemlock Falls and Cherokee Falls

Cloudland Canyon State Park, just 45 minutes from downtown, hosts two incredible waterfalls if you’re willing to hike down and back up over 600 steps. Other than feeling like you’re climbing a Stairmaster, it is a very easy and short hike to see both waterfalls, and there is a beautiful overlook of the canyon at the top.

122 Cloudland Canyon Park Rd

Burgess Falls

Less than two hours from Chattanooga, Burgess Falls State Park has an easy trail that allows visitors to view four waterfalls. The last of the waterfalls is a large, wide cascading falls that drops from over 250 feet. The main trail takes guests to an overlook of the falls, but hikers can also get right up to them relatively easily.

4000 Burgess Falls Dr

Fall Creek Falls

At Fall Creek Falls State Park, visitors can see both cascading and falling water falls as well as a large camping area and several breathtaking views of the mountains. The trail to the main falls is pretty easily accessible, but gets steep and rock towards the end. The park also has a large campground so guests can stay overnight.

10821 Park Rd

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