Murals around Chattanooga

By Dominique Malone, Staff Writer —

MLK Mural

The Martin Luther King mural is one of the great landmarks that surround south campus. It embodies everything that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for while on Earth. Moreover, the solidarity of the colors that surround the painting of King stand out in a crowd of construction and buildings to make his legacy even more amazing. In addition to it being a unique piece of art, it surrounds many black-owned businesses in the city; this adds another layer of culture to the piece. The mural is located on ML King Boulevard in downtown Chattanooga.

The donut mural

The donut mural located on Broad Street represents a whimsical quality of the area. The bright colors and unique design bring levity to the area of the city that doesn’t gain as much positive recognition. The donuts are painted like life preservers in the ocean in a manner that could be tantamount to how much people value donuts in our society. Regardless, the fun piece recreates everyone’s love for the fun food.

House of Wisdom mural

The House of Wisdom mural that is apart of the McCallie Walls Project on McCallie Avenue. It also represents a lot for the artist that created it. For artist Anna Carll, she believes that the doorway that the painting surrounds is what all people must pass through in life. The figure is supposed to be a quasi-universal guide through the world. This mural definitely brings life and guidance with its intrinsic colors and and geometric shapes.

Glass Street mural

On Glass Street there is a mural of a young African-American woman listening to music with words floating all around her. The mural represents how the world should be yours in every sense possible and how we should have the freedom to express ourselves. But, the mural goes on to suggest that the notion is simply a dream, because it is almost impossible for the world to be ours. The mural uses an everyday activity to express a much deeper meaning.

Fallen Five mural

Another mural on McCallie Avenue that stands out in the crowd is the one that represents the five faces of Chattanooga’s fallen heroes. The mural shows all five of the men in their respective uniforms. The solidarity of their faces conveys how brave and strong they must have been until the day they died. Additionally, the American flag is behind each one of them to suggest that they protected our country at all costs. This mural is definitely one that means so much not just to our city, but our country as a whole.

Addie Whitlow

Addie Whitlow

Assistant Features Editor

Addie is a Chattanooga native majoring in Communication with a minor in English: Writing. If she isn't reading or watching movies, some of her favorite pastimes include spending time on the lake, taking way too many photos of her dog, Ripley, chasing after sunsets, and eating pasta salad. To get in touch, email her or tweet her at @mirage_hall.

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