Compiled by Eric Wise, Assistant News Editor —

1. The Mystery Poop
Aug. 28
17-006328 At 8:30 a.m. an officer was dispatched to a suspicious party call at the Doctors Building. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to an employee who informed that an individual defecated on the first floor next to the vending machines. He also informed that a middle-aged female was seen in the building who appeared to be homeless. The woman had already left the building. Police were given a description of the woman. Another employee had discovered the feces, but no one witnessed the defecation. The officer searched the area for the suspect, but could not locate her.
2. 13 Pairs of Stolen Shoes
Aug. 29
17-006373 At 11:54 a.m., an officer responded to a report of theft from the Strength Center. The officer made contact with the complainant who stated that since Aug. 19, 13 pairs of shoes have gone missing. The shoes had been going missing for days with just one or two pairs at a time. The total value of the shoes is estimated at $1,345. Police will be checking card swipes and camera footage over the course of the previous ten days for suspects.
3. One Driver, Multiple Licenses
Sept. 12
17-006786 An officer on patrol observed a gray Ford traveling in the wrong direction on Houston Street. The car turned left onto Oak Street where the officer initiated a traffic stop. The driver stated he was new to the area and thought he was on Douglas Street. When asked for his license, the officer noticed multiple licenses in his wallet. The driver stated they were his friends that they had left in his car. The officer asked for all of the licenses; there were four in total.
A check through dispatch confirmed his license as valid, and two others were valid. The fourth license came back with a birth year of 1997, not 1996 as the license depicted. The officer advised he would keep the two other licenses to return to them to their owners, and the fourth would be sent to the state on suspicion of it being fake. The driver admitted to it being fake. The driver was given a verbal warning on the traffic violation and sent on his way.
4. Dorm Room Rager
Sept. 15
17-006878 UTC Police were called to assist RA’s at a large party in a housing unit on campus. The RA’s stated that the occupants would not come out of the apartment. The officers entered, and checked all of the rooms. All 19 of the occupants were moved into the apartment’s common area and IDs were collected from everyone. Police stood by while housing staff poured out all of the alcohol and discarded the empty bottles. Housing referred all of the students to Student Development.
5. Broken Jar of Pasta Sauce
Sept. 22
17-007065 At 11:40 a.m. officers were dispatched to Walker Apartments for accidental injury. The officer met with a student who was bleeding from her knee. She stated that when she opened the refrigerator a jar of Prego sauce fell out and broke open. When she kneeled to clean up the mess, she put her knee on a piece of broken glass. EMS arrived and treated the wound. They told the student that the should have a friend take her to Erlanger to have the wound checked out. EMS stated that she might need a stitch or two.
 6.  “God told me to.”
Nov. 23
17-008721 At 10:01 p.m., while driving north on Houston Street, a UTC PD officer observed a person laying in the road at the intersection of Houston and Oak Streets. The person told the officer that he was fine and that he was lying in the street because God told him to. He then stood up and continued to gesture wildly and dance around in the street. He was unable to answer police questions, but did provide his ID to the officer. There were no warrants for his arrest. Suspecting that he was under the influence of a controlled substance, Hamilton County EMS transported him to Parkridge Medical Center.
7. Exploding Light Bulb in Class
Jan. 22
18-000444 UTC Police were dispatched to Fletcher Hall in reference to an overhead light bulb exploding On arrival, police entered the room and found a desk area to be covered with broken glass. The can light overhead had burst. The instructor, and student sitting under it, said the light shattered without warning. The student denied any injury and none were observed. No one else in the class complained of injuries. Police cleared the broken glass off the desk and student’s laptop as best they could. Facilities was notified.
8. Hitler Signs on Campus
Feb. 7
18-000835 At 8:36 a.m., a staff member of UTC Housing walked into the UTC Police Department to file a report. He was carrying a cardboard black history month sign that had a piece of paper stuck to it with an image of Adolf Hitler and the words “Hitler was right” on it. Contact information for Vanguard America was also printed on the paper. The complainant said that a staff member of the Bursar’s Office saw it in Heritage Plaza at 7:30 a.m. The reporting officer took the sign to the Deputy Chief and Chief and Police. Chief Ratchford took point on alerting up the chain of command.
9. Moe’s Was Out of Guacamole
Feb. 9
18-000894 At 12:04 p.m., police responded to a theft call at the UC. The reporting officer spoke with a UTC Dining supervisor at Moe’s Southwest Grill about a subject who stole a bag of food. He said that the suspect was upset about the restaurant being out of guacamole. The supervisor told the suspect they would get more out of the back, but he said he was in a hurry and demanded a discount. The dining services employee told him that he could not give him a discount and offered to get a higher ranking manager to speak with him. The suspect said he did not have time, and that he would take the food without paying and pay double next time. He was told that he could not do that, but he grabbed the food and left the food court. The suspect then went into the Aramark office to submit a complaint. The Aramark employee told him that he couldn’t take the food without paying. He then left the office with the food. Police were given a description of the suspect. The stolen food was worth approximately $8.51.
10. Driving Down Cardiac Hill
Feb. 20
18-001158 At 11:10 a.m., an officer responded to a property damage call at Cardiac Hill. Dispatch advised that a vehicle had driven down the stairs at Cardiac Hill. Upon arrival, the reporting officer saw a van parked at Chamberlain Pavilion. The driver said he was driving west on Oak Street when his GPS told him to turn down Cardiac Hill. He realized he was going the wrong way once he started down the stairs. His vehicle was drivable, so the reporting officer drove it down the handicap ramp to Vine street with the help of Safety and Risk Management. The driver took his vehicle and went on his way. Facilities was made aware of the damage to the stairs.
11. Squirrel Kills Power on Campus
March 24
18-001809 At 11:37 a.m., the power was lost for all of the campus. The UTC Police Department notified the correct personnel about the power outage. Officers were dispatched to stand by at the UTC Bursar’s Office and McKenzie Arena Box Office. Dispatch contacted EPB, and they sent technicians to campus. It was determined that a squirrel had gotten into the power system causing the power outage. EPB restored power to campus at 12:34 p.m.
12. Trapped in an Elevator
There were a total of 16 reports of elevator entrapments across campus this school year. The most common places people got stuck were the State Office Building (McCallie Building) and Stophel Apartments.

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