The Best of Crime Log: Spring 2017

*We at The University Echo apologize for any concern that we were intending to make light of the student in our second entry who appeared to be suicidal. Our intention wasn’t to imply that we thought the situation was funny. 
We understand the word “best” has a positive connotation. This specific selection was intended to stray away from funny and look at unusual reports.
We will be more careful with how we present crime log in the future.*

Compiled by Haley Doss, News Assistant Editor —

1.The Weave Fiasco 

March 26

17-002715 A female student called police to her apartment in Johnson Obear for vandalism. When officers arrived, she told police that one of her roommates potentially urinated  on her synthetic hair that was drying in the bathroom. The student said that the incident occurred on March 24 and since this time it has been wet and smelly. The student has been having problems with a roommate and has discussed it with her Resident Assistant. The officer spoke with each roommate and they all stated that they did not urinate on the hair.


3. The Oh-No-He-Didn’t

Feb. 17

17-001566 While on patrol on south campus, an officer saw a male and female walking down the sidewalk. The female was telling the male to get away from her and to stop following her. The officer pulled the two aside and found that they were dating and had been at a party in Douglas Heights. While leaving the party, the boyfriend called the female by the name of his ex-girlfriend. The girlfriend was angry and wanted to get back to her apartment. The boyfriend wanted to make sure she made it home safely, but the girlfriend did not want to be with him. The two admitted to drinking at the party and were sent to Student Development for underage drinking.

4. The Not-So-Subtle Drunks 

Jan. 29

17-000927 While on a housing check, an officer heard students yelling from Stophel, “I am so fucking drunk”. The officer found the student’s room and while waiting on the students to answer the door, could hear running, doors slamming and bottles banging. Two students then answered the door and told the officer that it was not their apartment. After all students in the apartment were pulled from hiding, the officer identified each student and found them all to be underage and intoxicated. They also found four bottles of whiskey, on bottle of vodka and natural light beer. All of the students were sent to student development.

5. The Weed Brownie Bust 

March 21

17-002554 Officers reported to a fire alarm in UCF around 8 p.m. When they arrived to the suspected apartment, they could smell marijuana. The officers knocked and entered the apartment to check for a possible fire but determined the cause of the alarm was due to a cooking incident. Despite this, officers could still smell the marijuana coming from one of the bedrooms. The resident allowed officers to search his room and they found 183 grams of marijuana brownies, a grinder, various homemade smoking devices and a book bag with several cold beers inside. In the other rooms, police found a grinder and a couple of a stolen street signs. Another student was found and was suspected of flushing marijuana down the toilet. All of the signs, brownies and other paraphernalia was confiscated as evidence. All of the residents present were sent to Student Development.

6. The China Guy

Jan. 10

17-000216 Officers received a call about an angry student in Brock hall. Police met the student who was upset because he was suspended from school and the department head would not support him coming back. During the conversation the student said, “I can see why China is trying to blow us up.” The student said he made the comment because of the news he watched on television. He later apologized to the department head and clarified he did not mean to verbally threaten anyone or the school physical harm. He provided police with a voluntary statement of his actions.

7. The Hit and Run x3

Jan. 15

17-000412 A call was placed to police after three cars were hit on Vine St. around 7 p.m.. The caller was a student that stated that she had hit the cars. When the officer arrived at the scene, the caller was not there. After searching, they found that she lived on campus in Boling. An hour later, they caught up with the suspect who was given several sobriety tests and it was decided she was under the influence. The suspect also had an revoked license for her second DUI offense. She was arrested and taken to Hamilton County Jail for booking and a blood test.

8. The Intent to Sell 

Feb. 18

17-001608 A officer stopped a car for a broken tag light. When they walked to the driver side window, officers could smell marijuana. The driver told the officer that the marijuana was in the back. He was then placed in handcuffs while police searched the car. Police found plastic sandwich bags, a scale and a glass jar filled with marijuana that weighed 22 grams. The driver was arrested. After questioning the driver, police found out that he had been dealing for a month and a half and that his driver’s license was suspended.

9. The Um…

March 9

17-002240 Officers were dispatched to the Clarence T. Jones Observatory after receiving a report of a burglary. Police spoke to the man who called in after he got to the observatory for a meeting and found a basement window forced open. Three metal bars blocking the window were bent. The building was cleared by officers and nothing was found missing. Officers did see that someone wrote “fuck all yall Bhlood” and BHlood Homie” in the visitor book. There is no suspect for the damages at this time.

10. The hit over a gift card? 

Jan. 4

17-000046 Around 9 a.m. officers received a call about a woman who was hit by a car in Lot 36. The victim told police that she had gotten out of her car and was walking behind the another car when it struck her. The car then pulled up and backed up again, hitting the victim and knocking her down.  The victim said that the incident stemmed from a relationship issue. She was trying to retrieve a gift card she had gifted the man for Christmas when she got behind the car to keep the man from leaving. She stated that she did not want to go further with criminal charges on the man, but would refrain from making contact with him. There were no injuries to the victim and no property damage was evident.

Haley Doss

Haley Doss

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