compiled by Aaron Wells

The campus crime log is a weekly feature of the University Echo and is compiled from UTC Police reports to keep students aware of incidents on campus.  Reports are listed in chronological order.

Feb. 4, 2012

Police responded to accidental injury at 501 Oak St. and were advised by the victim that she had an incredibly painful tooth ache.

When the victim spoke with  her mother over the phone, the parent advised that victim to call 911/county EMS to take her to the hospital.

EMS arrived, extremely irritated at the victim and advised her what calling 911 means when doing an ambulance transport.

Though irritated at her call about the achy tooth EMS took the victim to Erlanger Hospital.


Feb. 7, 2012

12-0273 Police responded to a call of a disorderly conduct in Lot 31.

Upon being flagged down, police spoke with students who were involved in the incident.

The two females involved were upset that the male involved had been dating them both. One of the female students told police that she had vandalized the male studentʼs red Ford Mustang with sugar, flour, water and paper, etc. There was nothing harmful or toxic found.

Police observed the male suspect’s vehicle. The male student advised police that he did not want to prosecute the two female students for vandalism of his vehicle.

Police advised for the male suspect to take his vehicle to be cleaned and to have no further contact with the female students involved.

All parties involved were cited in lieu of arrests and sent to University judicial affairs.

Twenty minutes later, police were advised that the same persons had gotten out of the vehicle on Vine Street.

One of the female students and the male student began to have a verbal altercation.

The male student said the female student jumped into his vehicle uninvited.

The female student said she grabbed the male studentʼs shirt to hold him and have him come with her.

Police did not observe any physical assault, but both parties advised they had verbal assaults.

Police again cited the students in lieu of arrest and the students will be sent to judicial affairs.

Police observed in plain view that the male student had a blue Tenn. state handicap placard that had expired Oct. 8, 2011 sitting on the driverʼs side of the red Mustang. It had been altered to expire in the year 2012. The handicap decal was not his.

Police then confiscated the handicap decal for further follow-up. They advised the male student that he was in possession of a handicap decal that was not his and had been altered. The male student became disorderly and was then taken into custody by police and then transported to 601 Walnut St. to Hamilton County Jail.

At this time, no further action was taken.


March 15, 2012

12-0545 Police were flagged down by a citizen for an animal call at 720 E. 4th St., while on patrol at UTC.

The complainant advised police that a horse was running toward Amnicola Highway.

The horse was brown and belonged to the The Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus, which was at UTC for their scheduled event.

Upon arrival by the central plant at Lot 34, police saw a small, miniature pony running into E. 4th St., northeast towards Amnicola Highway.

The miniature pony stopped and turned southwest back into Lot 34. Police blocked off the pony’s exit with a patrol car.

The miniature pony stopped in the grass and started to feed.

Police advised the animal watch officer to bring a harness or rope.

The officer arrived with a harness and rope.

The Ringling Barnum and Bailey Circus staff arrived and got the pony safely back into his stall area in McKenzie Arena without injury or harm.


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