Boling market reopens, offers new features for customers

Lindsay McMaster, Chattanooga, TN–

The Boling Market convenience store, located in Boling Apartments, is now open for students

The convenience store closed and was under renovation since the end of the spring semester.

Oct. 3, the market had a grand opening, presenting all of their upgrades.

Mary Kirk Cole, resident district manager of Dining Services, said some of the new Boling services include a drink fountain, cappuccino machine, and a F’real machine.

The market is open Monday though Friday from 9 a.m. to midnight, and on Saturday and Sunday from noon to midnight. This offers students more flexible hours than traditional dining services found at other stores on campus, Cole said.

Students also have the option of using their Mocs card for purchases in the store, something that the previous convenience store did not offer, Cole said.

Aramark Marketing Manager Megan Corcoran says student feedback has so far been very positive through social media.

Jaci Robertson, a sophomore from Smyrna, Tenn., is a resident of Boling Apartments and said the new store is extremely convenient for her.

Robertson also said she does not mind that the prices are higher than other places off campus due to it being close by.

“Obviously, the pricing is going to be higher than other places,” Robertson said. “But it is closer, so when you factor in gas, it’s pretty convenient.”

Cole said she believes the store will also see traffic from students who live in other apartments and even off-campus.

Nicole Charitat, a Knoxville freshman, said she leaves the Johnson-Obear apartments for the convenience of having coffee so close.

“I am obsessed with their coffee,” Charitat said. “And I can’t help but buy some snacks to go with it.”

Charitat said she admires the appearance of the store as well.

“It looks coffee chic,” Charitat said. “You can tell they put a lot of thought on how they wanted the store to look.”

Rosemary Haddock, a Memphis freshman, is also a resident of the Johnson-Obear apartments, and finds the Boling  Market convenience store more convenient than the store on the south side of campus.

Cole and Corcoran said the store has already seen a considerable amount of traffic, and they hope the store will continue to gain popularity with

University students.

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