By Gabrielle Chevalier

We have all heard of the bridezilla who overanalyzes and has to control every aspect of her wedding, but recently a new trend has these bridezillas adding another element to their insanity: feeding tubes up their noses.
These feeding tubes deliver nutrients throughout the day in order to allow the bride-to-be to remain hunger-free and lose weight without an exercise routine (or any exercise at all) by keeping them from eating, according to an article published in the New York Times.
This regimen, which goes on for up to 10 days, can allow the bride to lose anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, and is called the K-E Diet by Dr. Oliver Di Pietro, a physician who runs a clinic in Florida and offers this “diet” for desperate brides.
Since when is it medically encouraged for women to rapidly lose weight?
Worse than a fad diet, this is a medically condoned “quick fix” for an insecure bride, giving her another reason to focus more on her physical appearance instead of the life-altering decision she is making, or the person to whom she is making a commitment.
No wonder the national divorce rate is so high. With so much pressure being put on the date of the wedding, the actuality of the marriage itself does not seem to matter as much as it should.
Instead, our society is too busy making these women feel that they are not good enough the way they are, and should resort to excessive measures in order to feel like they meet all the expectations placed on them.
Drastically altering your weight in a matter of a week and a half does not necessarily mean you feel better, and lost muscle mass which comes along with being less active does not exactly help keep weight off.
The diet also requires patients to be monitored for side affects such as “constipation, bad breath and dizziness,” according to the NY Times.
Ironically, these women, who are so obsessed with their appearance for one day, have to walk around with a tube going from their nose down into a bag which contains the nutrients to allow the woman to avoid all foods without starving.
Oh, and the price to have a tube shoved up your nose for 10 days? $1,500.
Clearly the price of beauty is never too high.

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