The front of the BItter Alibi on Monday March 26, 2018. (photo by Troy Stolt)

By Grace Stafford, Features Editor —

Boujee: Easy Bistro 

While the weekend brunch at the Easy Bistro has the calmest pricing of their offerings, the ambience and food options  are upscale. It’s especially hard to be seated on their patio in Downtown Chattanooga near the Aquarium without being reminded of European cafes. Food options range from $13 – $25, and drinks range from $6 – 11. The atmosphere better suits smaller parties rather than post-night out groups; so take a friend or two and revel in the boujee.


Boozy: Bitter Alibi 

Doubling as a bar throughout the week, Bitter Alibi also serves a boozy brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Their food options are relatively predictable but are satisfying as a solid hangover cure and all clock in around $10. The location on Houston Street is walkable from campus and makes it a perfect option after a late night.


Bark-friendly: The Daily Ration

If you’re looking for a spot suitable for your dog on nice spring days, look no further than The Daily Ration in North Chattanooga. Most of the seating is outdoors in a large, fenced-in patio with heaters if the weather is less than desirable. Dogs are totally welcomed and given water in dog bowls upon request. The Daily Ration is open all week for breakfast until 3 p.m., and with their extensive menu and reasonable prices, it’s easy to keep going back.


Budget: Syrup and Eggs

For a truly Instagram-able meal, Syrup and Eggs in St. Elmo offers a different stack of creative pancakes everyday. Their options are incredibly unique and oftentimes sweet, but their “taco” pancakes are a refreshing twist. Prices average around $8 for plates and $3 for sides making it a great option for a budget-friendly brunch. Syrup and Eggs does not serve alcohol though, so it may be best for a breakfast with family rather than for a hair of the dog.


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