By Andre Charitat, Chattanooga, TN–With big names such as Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis it is easy to see why “The Campaign” wins the vote for this summer’s funniest blockbuster.

Ferrell and Galifanakis feed off of each other’s acting styles well, and the chemistry is evident on the screen.

Many moviegoers  may walk into the theater with some trepidation knowing that the trailers we have seen multiple times have already ruined the funniest parts of the movie, which can cause a boring and, quite frankly, underwhelming  movie experience, but this was certainly not the case with “The Campaign.”

The writing was consistently laugh-out- loud funny, and there were multiple scenes in which the entire theater could not stop laughing.

“The Campaign” did away with the traditional one liner, and instead, filled the movie with witty dialogue that left your abs sore from constant hysterical laughter.

From nip slips to fundamental Christianity, everything came under fire in this movie and it could not have been more entertaining.

The humor was crude, but walk into the theater with an open mind and you will certainly be satisfied.

This campaign opens with the quote by Ross Perot, “War has rules, mud wrestling has rules – politics has no rules.”

These words set the stage for a movie that takes you into a political battle full of mudslinging, where ethics take a backseat.

Ferrell plays the slick congressman Cam Brady, a well-oiled politicking machine who has run unopposed for most of his career as congressman.

His opponent Marty Huggins is a simple, pug-loving man who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Marty personifies the stereotypical southern evangelical Christian. As he says in one of his speeches “I am beholden to the greatest American that ever lived—Jesus Christ.”

Galifianakis really impressed me with his performance in “The Campaign.”

He shone in his role, and surprisingly to me, took the spotlight away from the more well-known comic Ferrell.

These two men go head to head in a heated campaign where nothing is off limits.

While the film takes a satiric look at politics, the timing and content of the movie cannot be ignored.

In the movie, the Moch Brothers are two business-savvy men who decide to back Marty in the hopes of using him as their shortcut to bringing “Chinese style” factories to North Carolina.

“The Campaign” makes light of how big business can influence politics with a blank check, and it gives us something to think about with the presidential campaign now in full swing.

“The Campaign” is a great movie that provides tons of laughs at a wallet-friendly price. It’s a definite must-see for any college student.

The one-two punch of Galifianakis and Ferrel in a no-holds-barred comedy cannot be missed.

For those of you who are budget conscious, the Majestic 12 theater downtown runs specials throughout the week.

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